I am a man of Faith, Husband, Father & Grandfather. Being considered by others to be trustworthy and dependable is paramount to me, I will never lie to you and sometimes you may not like it. 

I was a business owner for 14 years, as an independent contractor of construction, until I moved to a southern state to take advantage of the timid winter climate. Shortly after the housing market crashed and took away my ability to survive as an independent contractor in a foreign market.  I had to fold up shop and work for a local business, until moving back to Wisconsin years later. As most of you have already learned through our initial conversations, I have been problem solving, teaching, connecting and lifting up those around me in business ever since 1989.  When the prospect of RelyLocal came up it spoke to who I am as a person, like nothing else. Therefore, October 29th, 2019 RelyLocal "North & West Greater Milwaukee Area Counties was founded, I decided to stop talking about the issues I see and started working on the problems.  The remainder of my working career is now dedicated to ensuring that businesses have an honest shake against big business and that they are truly connected!

When we all work together, we all grow together and that's a fact.  Now let me prove it to you, I look forward to growing with you all!!