RelyLocal is a territory based business, owned and operated by our neighbors, all over the US.  Founded in 2010, the purpose of these business factions centers around improving visibility for other local businesses. Each territory or 'faction' of RelyLocal typically serves a village, town, city, county, or state.  Not all factions are alike in their mission, size or ability. Each faction usually consists of of other businesses as its members, which partner up and create new jobs (tax revenue for schools, parks, roads, etc) offering diversity in the marketplace - with unique products and services not found in big-box stores and large franchise chains. Not to mention, these local businesses are owned by our neighbors, the very people who sponsor our little leagues, donate to our local charities, sit on important civic boards, and volunteer for our community events - giving back to the community in countless ways.  You rely on them, can they Rely on you?

RelyLocal is not a franchise or chain. There are plenty of "local" online directories and various "buy local" movements across the country. Unfortunately, most of the other websites simply buy (or steal) their data from giant databases full of national chains, while selling advertising to the highest bidder (the national chains). Only RelyLocal is locally owned and operated by your neighbors, so we really understand what other small & medium sized businesses are up against. Our mission to strengthen economies & their communities is led by a local business owner, same as you, and 'this' RelyLocal faction serves equal parts business & consumer, so tell everyone about us!

"North & West Greater Milwaukee Area Counties

The largest RelyLocal faction, is a completely different animal. 

Currently servingFond du Lac, Sheboygan, Dodge, Washington, Ozaukee & Waukesha counties in Wisconsin.  Focuses on creating relationships with all small & medium sized organizations & businesses. 

We follow a simple equation (Business + Consumer = Economy).  We super charge business to business connections, deploy a gauntlet of diverse resources no one else can match, help businesses reach their consumers affordably, educate and empowering their consumers to truths and make it an easy & affordable choice to spend money locally out of convenience rather than selecting a big box.

Source of Fundraising - Our Local Rewards Program is great for consumers, businesses, charities & raising funds for any purpose whatsoever. Cost to value, there's nothing like it!

Referral Source - Who/What do you need in your life?  Tell us and we'll connect you with someone that is/has what you need! 

Affordable Advertising & Marketing Source - Our services are top notch, effective and without overhead so everything is very affordable! 

Discover More Businesses - You'd be amazed at how many types of local businesses are out there - offering exactly what you are looking for. Usually, the trouble is not knowing a business exists or not knowing how to finding them because not every business can advertise effectively, so word of mouth is so crucial to you and them!  So we partner up with those amazing people, their local organizations & businesses, and we will help you find them! 

Fun Fact -  If 15,000 people were to shift just $20 of their existing monthly spending to independent, locally owned businesses, it would generate at least: $3,6000,000 back into the local economy!


"When we all work together, we all grow together" -Bryan Simmons

Want to fully embrace RelyLocal's mission & directly impact your own local communities & economies? 

Become a RelyLocal Ambassador, someone who is voted in by the RelyLocal senior members because they are well versed in our values & mission, is a current member and has shown their dedication to making a difference. Our ambassadors do great things and have the ability to: host or volunteer at any RelyLocal event, onboard new members for RelyLocal and chip in their time and expertise in other ways to help us be the change. 

If you would like to contribute and/or volunteer your valuable spare time, we are always doing something and can always use a hand!  We are all simply fans of the economic and social effects of being the change and we know what it takes to make it happen, we just need you!  Please visit