What is RelyLocal?

A strong community depends on a healthy economy both of which depend on the success of local businesses in our area.  The greater Cowlitz County area including the following cities in Washington:  Castle Rock, Cathlamet, Kalama, Kelso, Longview, and Woodland as well as the following cities in Oregon: Clatskanie, and Rainier need our help!

There have been a number of great studies done that illustrate how shopping locally will stimulate the local economy.

When you shop local it stays local.  Did you know for example, that money spent with local businesses stays here (about 68%), where much less money spent with national chains stays here (only about 14%), and money spent online... well... simply leaves. Forever!

"It's about the economy, stupid!" - James Carville

We believe that supporting local businesses isn’t just about the economy – It’s entirely about creating a consistent and stable community! Longview area businesses create jobs which means tax money for schools, parks, and roads  Additionally local businesses offer diversity in the marketplace, with products and services simply not found in box stores or chains.  Not the least of which - these local businesses are owned by the same people who sponsor our sports teams, donate to our local charities, and volunteer or sponsor at our community events - giving back to the community is so common and done in countless ways. We all rely on them, but can they rely on us?

RelyLocal is a Grass Roots Community Campaign

There’s plenty of "local" online directories and various "buy local" movements sprouting up across the nation. Unfortunately, most of these simply buy (or grab) their data from giant databases full of box stores and chains.  Their approach in business is to sell advertising to the highest bidder usually the national chains.  In fact, we have been approached more than once by national chains that would like to advertise with us and we denied those requests.  RelyLocal is locally owned and operated by your neighbors who really understand what Longview area businesses are up against. RelyLocal isn't just a website – it’s a Grass Roots Community Campaign to build a stronger local economy and strengthen our community!

Discover Local Businesses - No Big-Box Stores! *
You'll be amazed how many local businesses are in our community - offering exactly what you are looking for. The Challenge many times is finding them! We are partnering daily with many amazing local businesses and encourage you to check back frequently for new businesses, contests, jobs, coupons, and much much more!  Supporting these businesses will support your community; your participation is greatly needed and appreciated.

Print Local Coupons - On Demand for businesses in Washington and Oregon in the greater Cowlitz county area including Castle Rock, Cathlamet, Clatskanie, Kalama, Kelso, Longview Rainier, and Woodland.
Click, Login, and Print!  This is simple and doesn’t cost you anything to access these money saving coupons.  Since the coupons are free and you only print what you plan on using RelyLocal coupons are the “green” environmentally friendly option.  Just print and and the environment all at the same time!

Find Local Jobs - Now Hiring!
The job search can be so exhausting with so many job boards and newspapers.  We usually feature more than 500 local jobs.  Looking or know someone looking for a job?  This is a great place to search for a job as we feature a search engine that seeks out many job boards and websites.  Employment could be just a click away!

Get Connected  - Online and Off!
We want you to be an active partner in our grass roots campaign to build a strong and vibrant local economy! Get connected, share your reviews of local businesses, and show your support around town or online.  By staying connected you will get the latest updates on Local Business, Prizes, Coupons, and Events.  Your community needs you so don't just sit on the sidelines - become an advocate!

Business Networking Events  - FREE to all attendees!
We believe that networking is a great way to connect business owners together.  We invite all business people to these networking events which feature a different host every month as well as complimentary food and prize drawings.  We don’t believe we are the only way to network and encourage you to look for other networking opportunities.  In our area the following organizations offer networking opportunities: No Frills Networking, Cowlitz Networking, Castle Rock Chamber  of Commerce, Wahkiakum Chamber of Commerce, Clatskanie Chamber of Commerce, Kalama Chamber of Commerce, Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce, Rainier Chamber of Commerce, and Woodland Chamber of Commerce.

Getting Involved With RelyLocal

If you own a local business who would like to partner with RelyLocal in our campaigns to support local businesses, we invite you to learn more about our affordable, effective, marketing services and connect with us so we can discuss ways we can help your business!

Otherwise, if you are an excited loyal local that wants to spread the word, you can get connected with other like-minded locals and show your support around town...

Note: We aren't anti-WalMart, Lowes, or Applebee’s at all. We are simply fans of the economic and social effects of supporting local business in Washington and Oregon in the greater Cowlitz County including Castle Rock, Cathlamet, Clatskanie, Kalama, Kelso, Longview, Rainier, and Woodland.