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5924 S Kipling Parkway
Littleton , CO 80127 (view map)
Phone: (720) 981-8888 FAX: (303) 979-0433 Website:


Why Reverse Osmosis?

WaterSource uses a multi-stage purification process, the final stage being reverse osmosis, or RO.

RO filtration is able to remove contaminants as small as 1/1000 of a micron. This eliminates almost everything - chlorine, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals - except water molecules. Many of these cannot be removed by public water treatment systems. Our process makes the purest, best tasting water you'll find.

We carry chlorine filters for showers and baths, and a variety of other health products.

We offer many different sizes of water bottles from 5 gallons down  to personal drinking bottles, crock systems, coolers and 10 pound bags of ice made from purified water.

We have BPA-free and poly-carbonate options to suit your needs.

When you visit us, ask for a free one-gallon sample to take home. Just drink it or use it to make your tea or coffee and taste the difference.



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