When I heard about the RelyLocal community campaign to educate and encourage residents and businesses to keep their spending money within their community – helping small businesses thrive and keeping more money recirculate in the economy – I had to leave my career and start my own RelyLocal business in the Greater Littleton Area.

My award-winning career included sales and marketing for many companies in the Denver area, including national and local print and online directories, and serving both local and international clients.  It was frustrating to see the small businesses lost in the listings to corporations, and businesses from out of town getting local phone numbers and not listing their addresses but claiming to be local. The cost to compete effectively could be prohibitive to the local small businesses.

I’m here to help locally-owned small businesses in the Greater Littleton Area compete against the large chains, big box, out-of-town and online stores.  Whether they are start-ups or have been in business for generations but see their marketing share dwindle due to lack of online exposure and experience, we can boost their awareness and sales.  We help the service companies with local sales calls, saving them travel costs and allowing them to respond to more local calls. And we help business-to-business companies by introducing them to other locally-owned businesses and build referral relationships.

If you would like to find out how to become a part of the fastest growing grass roots community in the Littleton area for connecting local businesses with local customers, contact us today!


Phone: (303) 223-6478

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