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Rocker Spirits

100% Local

5587 S Hill St
Littleton , CO 80120 (view map)
Phone: (303) 795-7928 Website: Hours:

Thursday – Saturday
5pm — 11pm

2pm — 8pm

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A sweeter whiskey with caramel, butterscotch, and honey notes up front coupled with a light citrus and moderate oak finish. Nose comes across as sweet, creamy cereal. Enjoyably long warm finish.

Mash ingredients - 70% corn / 30% wheat.

Grains grown in central Minnesota (we will be switching to eastern CO grains in the near future).

Aged for a minimum of 3 years in 53-gallon virgin American oak barrels.

#3 char (also known as alligator char).

Barrels made by Independent Stave Company in Lebanon, Missouri.

Barrel aging adds flavor, particularly butterscotch, vanilla, and oak in Rocker whiskey. Also makes for a more well-rounded, mature flavor.

Distilled at under 160 proof, barreled at under 125 proof, bottled at 96 proof.




Molasses and oak nose with slight hints of vanilla and tropical fruit. Light brown sugar and oak with a lasting white pepper finish.

100% sugar cane products (sugar cane, sugar cane juice, and/or molasses).

Aged 6 years in used whiskey barrels. (Barrels may have been used multiple times, hence the lighter color).

Proofed at 86 for bottling.

No additional sugar, herbs, fruits, spices, or carbon filtering.

Distilled in a continuous column still.  Column stills allow for better reflux creating a cleaner spirit.




Rocker vodka is mostly odorless and tasteless. Mild grain and sweet notes with a clean, light mouthfeel.

100% corn vodka.

Distilled at over 190 proof for entire duration of distillation run.

Proofed at 80 with reverse osmosis water. Reverse osmosis water is void of nearly all organic and inorganic materials which leaves a clean finish with no traces of chlorine or cloudy discoloration.

Filtered 5-6 times through activated charcoal made from coconut husks. Activated Charcoal is highly porous with massive surface area.  This allows undesirable compounds such as methanol and fusil oils to be adsorbed (not absorbed).  This carbon filtration also oxidizes small amounts ethyl alcohol creating ethers and aldehydes which remove the harsh taste of alcohol resulting in the smooth, pleasant flavor associated with modern vodkas.



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