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Andy Marquez Gallery

100% Local

2329 West Main Street Suite 206
Littleton , CO 80120 (view map)
Phone: (303) 797-6040 Website: Social Media


Anyone can take a photograph, but not just anyone can make it a work of art. Photographer Andy Marquez relentlessly pursues beauty and with his camera, creates art. For Marquez, a photograph must capture the heart and soul of a scene during that brief moment in time when divine light and natural shadow converge. The result is an image that draws you in and holds you spellbound. In short, the photo becomes art.

Andy is an internationally renowned artist who specializes in international, and nature photography, as well as photography workshops.

He recently released his first soft cover journal: “The 24 Hours Before”, the story of 24 images and the 24 hours before they were taken.


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