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Hoffman Home Services, LLC

100% Local

7208 County Road M
Winneconne , WI 54986 (view map)
Phone: 920-279-8196 Hours:

Monday through Friday 7:00-5:00
Available other times by request


Handyman- Small Engine Services- Home Away Services- Yardwork Services

Hoffman Home Services LLC was formed in 2017 by Bruce Hoffman, but its origin dates back a long time.   Here's my story:

From an early age, my dad and I worked on numerous projects together. These projects were interesting and fun with one of my favorites being the construction of a 3-wheeled ATV out of old rototiller, snow blower, bicycle, and wheelbarrow parts. Over the years, these “projects” developed, and volunteering my time to help family, friends, and strangers of all ages has defined who I am.

Nowadays, I’m “that person” whom others will contact when something needs fixing, building, installing, trimming, etc. I always go out of my way to lend a hand or simply an ear. Some people refer to this as a servant leader; I just say it’s what I do.

In my professional career, I have worn many hats. I’ve been a designer, engineer, trainer, safety advocate, project manager, and grounds-maintenance equipment operator and mechanic.

After many years, I have now been able to combine my skills, transfer and apply them to my business. I help people with those tasks around the house or office that they either don’t want to bother with, have time for or are no longer able to do themselves.


In this way,Hoffman Home Services LLC was born. Your neighborhood handyman.



  • BUILDING REPAIRS including drywall and framing,outbuilding, fixtures, etc.
  • INSTALLATIONS including handicap grab bars, screen doors,storage and organizational units
  • GUTTERS including cleaning, repairs on single story buildings
  • CONSTRUCTION including basement finishing, small sheds, miscellaneous structures
  • YARDWORK including tree and shrub pruning, stump removal and clean up, rototilling, light excavation, non-routine lawn mowing, rough mowing ( out-lots, etc), landscaping
  • SMALL ENGINE SERVICES including seasonal servicing of lawn mowers, snowblowers, rototillers,etc.,blade sharpening, general small engine repairs and servicing, pick up and delivery available
  • HOME WATCH SERVICES (also known as House sitting, While your away services, Home away services ) including mail pickup, house checking ( sump pumpss, refridgerator/freezers, rodent infestation, etc.),flush toilets, pet feeding, plant watering, snow shoveloing etc. Services can be arranged for your vacation time away or even for long periods of time away from your home.Need something not listed here, just ask and chances are it can be done.
  • MISCELLANEOUS SERVICES including holiday decorating asistance, clutter sorting and organizing assitance and more.



For a lending hand call Bruce today at




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