Promoting Local Businesses

We launched RelyLocal Fox Cities to help locally owned businesses to connect and advertise to local consumers, at a price they could afford.  With budgets getting tighter, many businesses are cutting back on their marketing.  This has proved to be a fatal mistake time and time again. 

"Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping a clock to save time."
Henry Ford

RelyLocal Fox Cities isn't meant to replacement your other marketing efforts, but rather to be an additional option to reach more customers. For new businesses, RelyLocal Fox Cities offers an inexpensive way to have a web page.   

Our goal is to drive traffic to your business.  Some customers will find learn about your business directly on the RelyLocal Fox Cities website, while others will continue on to your website or social media pages.

For Only $500 per Year Members Receive the Following:
Our website is an integral piece of our local marketing campaign.   Each business receives a page that includes: Business logo, description of products and services, all contact information, links to website and social media pages, map to your location, and photos.  You can choose up to 5 categories in which to feature your business. We can also include coupons to encourage even more people to visit you. 
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
RelyLocal Fox Cities page very often appear on the first page of Google and Bing.  For this reason, many businesses are using RelyLocal to improve their ranking on the search engines.  The other benefit, is that often our members will have 2 of the 10 listings on the first page of Google - one for RelyLocal and one for their website.  Pretty powerful marketing!

Social Media Marketing
All of our RelyLocal Fox Cities members are featured on the RelyLocal Fox Cities social media pages - Facebook and LiinkedIn.  Plus, if you have a special event or promotion going on, let us know and we will promote it on our social media pages.

Local Coupons
As part of your RelyLcoal Fox Cities membership, you can include coupons for customers to print and use at your location. This is a great incentive to entice new customers. Best of all, it's all included as part of your membership!

Fox Cities Community Campaign
While we provide businesses and loyal locals with window decals - it is about much more than just that "warm-and-fuzzy" feeling. These tools are a small but very deliberate part of building an effective grass-roots campaign to support local business.

Your Role
RelyLocalFox Cities isn't just about what we can do for you, it's about what you can do for your community. Your membership dues stay here in the Fox Cities community, as we too are a locally owned business.  Get involved, make a minimal investment in Fox Cities, and you'll receive a lot more in return than just more clicks to your website.

The Most Cost-Effective Marketing in Fox Cities

Yellow Pages From $500-$25,000 per year, per publisher
depending on type of ad
Billboards Typical minimum investment of $4,350
production, minimum 3 months
Newspaper An average of $380 for a one-time, 1/4 page ad
Average based on The Source / The Bulletin
Coupon Mailings Between $200-$900 per month
Television Ads $350-$400 for one 30-second spot during prime time
not including production cost
Radio Ads $50-$150 for one 30-second spot during drive time
RelyLocal Fox Cities
Local exposure and new customers for a fraction of the cost of other advertising options.

Ready to see what RelyLocal Fox Cities can do for your business?  Great!  Apply today.  Once we receive your application, we will contact you to answer any questions you have and to complete your application.