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Gateway Chiropractic

100% Local

4070 W. Spencer St.
Appleton , WI 54914 (view map)
Phone: 920-731-3255 Website: Hours:

Monday – 7am-6pm
Tuesday – 3pm-5:30pm
Wednesday – 7am-6pm
Thursday – 3pm-5:30pm
Friday – 7am-6pm
Saturday – 8:30am-9am

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Appleton Chiropractor - Chiropractic Office Fox Cities

Gateway Chiropractic, located in the Fox Cities (Appleton), is a Christian based chiropractic office that focuses on improving your overall health. We don't just focus on adjustments, but your overall body and life style.  

At Gateway Chiropractic, what we do here is UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT compared to most Chiropractic offices in Appleton. Where others may fail concerning your health, it’s what we do differently that get results.

The reason health and well-being of the public suffers today is because most people do not truly understand what health is all about. This results in a lifetime of misdirection and misplaced actions. Only through an understanding of what health truly is, can you move towards it.

Here at Gateway Chiropractic, we offer a variety of services to help you to achieve overall health.  These services include: chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, massage therapy, nutrition counseling, along with weight loss and health classes.

We feel education is the key to helping you to better understand how the spine and body systems all work together.   A healthy spine with the right lifestyle choices gives you an unbeatable combination for normal, optimal health. It’s simply the way that health is defined.

Contact us today for a free consultation and how we can help you to live a healthy life.


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