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Epoxy Flooring Specialists, LLC

100% Local

N3860 Sharon Rose Ct.
Appleton , WI 54913 (view map)
Phone: 920-716-1914 Website: Hours:

Monday- Friday from 7:30-5:30
Saturday from 8:00-12:00
Other hours available by appointment.
Please leave a message, we will return your call.


Epoxy Floors | Garage | Basements| Industrial
Oshkosh - Appleton - Green Bay


EPOXY FLOORING SPECIALISTS has over 39 years of experience in installing epoxy / resin floors in garages, basements and for all types of commercial and industrial flooring applications.  

We specialize in non-slip multicolor epoxy floors. We can customize the look of your floor to make it a perfect fit for your style. Our Epoxy Floor Coating provides a surface that gives you  a beautiful, functional and durable floor which will last for years to come and is probably the best garage floor coating you will find. 

In addition to it's beauty and style, epoxy floor coatings are very easy surfaces to clean. Our epoxy floors are also resistant to oil, grease, salt, hot tire marks, petroleum products, antifreeze and most chemicals and outlast regular concrete floor paint by a mile. 

EPOXY FLOORING SPECIALIST floors use a flake flooring texture helping to provide slip resistance. Don't be confused with "Epoxy Garage Floor Kits" from the big box store which are a type of garage floor paint or basement floor paint, they are for color, NOT wear. So if you search for "How to paint garage floor" or "how to epoxy garage floor", you may come across other options. However, having an Epoxy Flooring Specialist  who is an experienced  epoxy flooring contractor apply a high quality resin flooring will most definitely give you the long lasting results you will want and appreciate for years to come.


At  EPOXY FLOORING SPECIALIST our concrete paint is not really paint at all. We use the same Industrial Products  that you see used in industrial flooring in factories, resin flooring in car dealerships and the epoxies for airplane hanger floors. 

We have years of experience installing epoxy floors in schools, offices, factories, industrial buildings and many other places that want or require an easy to maintain and durable floor that will look stunning for a very long time.

Epoxy floors are a smart alternative to other types of basement flooring or regular basement floor paint. Flooring installation is something a lot of DYI'ers can do with decent results for sure. However, if you are considering epoxy flooring for homes as a possible task to try, please understand that our superior epoxies and our years of experience might mean you would be more satisfied having us professionally apply your new epoxy coatings. We would like to come and look at your project and give you and estimate so please call us before you decide to try it yourself.

( We also sell epoxy to qualified contractors )


Please call for FREE ESTIMATE today!



Dear Tom,

     We would like to thank you for the great job you did on our epoxy garage floor. We found you to be very professional, and personable to work with, (as was your son and helper).

    Thank you for educating us on the product and working with us on some areas that needed special attention. To be honest, investing in a fancy garage floor was not a big priority for me but I absolutely love it!

    The first day I walked on it I said"WOW", it is so clean. I would certainly recommend you to anyone considering having this done.

-The Vosters-


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