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Jorge F. Peña - JFPena Insurance Group

100% Local

P.O. Box 16-2956
Miami , Florida 33116-2956


Jorge F. Peña is an experienced insurance agent in the State of Florida, licensed to offer Life Insurance and Health Insurance products since 1995. Jorge has dedicated his career to educating individuals, families, employers and employees on the important task of choosing the best insurance products that suit their needs, budget and lifestyle. The main reason why Jorge became an insurance agent was to help people make these important decisions.
While the internet has changed the way people do business, we still feel that talking to an insurance agent is still the best option.
In a recent study, 42% of people don't know what a deductible or co-pay were. We understand all the underwriting issues involved in applying for insurance and the intricacies in the process of applying for insurance. We ask all the proper questions to make sure you understand what you are applying for and that it best suits your needs and your budget. 
Helping navigate through the insurance choices, educate my clients on insurance and the terms used, and assist in selecting the best insurance suit to your needs and budget is my personal goal.
How would your family survive, financially, without you? Life insurance can pay off a mortgage, pay off loans, pay for final expenses, college education, etc. This provides cash for the surviving family to financially re-adjust after the loss of a loved one.
It is on everybody’s mind because it is so important. There is plans for individuals and groups. Business owners,  entrepreneurs, self-employed, or unemployed... you need health insurance. Don't delay.
Groups: United Healthcare, Neighborhood, AETNA, AVMED and Coventry
Individual: Cigna, Coventry, and United Healthcare  
This very inexpensive coverage provides basic dental care for the entire family. Available for groups, too!
Groups: MetLife and United Healthcare
Individual: SafeGuard
This often overlooked product provides "paycheck protection" in the event of a disabling accident or illness preventing you from working. Who will pay the bills if you can’t work?
Did you know that when travelling abroad your US health insurance may not cover you? why take the risk? now  you can apply for this travel protection and have peace of mind. has a lot of extra benefits in case of other emergencies.
Is designed for in-home assisted living or nursing home care for the elderly. Nursing home costs have soared to over $150 per day. Don’t eat up your life savings...get long term care for yourself…or your parents!
Accident plans, cancer coverage, hospital indemnity plans, short-term disability long term care, life insurance & more. pays you cash in the event of a catastrophic health event. Over ten year experience with AFLAC, Jorge sincerely recommends you look into this insurance.

Please e-mail or call or complete a questionnaire and let’s get started.

I look forward to helping you and your family,
Jorge Peña
JFPena Insurance Group


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