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West Covina Smiles

100% Local

3660 Nogales St. Building H, Suite D
West Covina , CA 91792 (view map)
Phone: (626) 810-5000 Website: Social Media


West Covina Smiles has implemented the highest level of technology on the market including digital X-rays and LOGICON Caries Detection Software. Kodak's exclusive X-Ray technology provides Dr. Marin and his staff high definition images needed to make accurate diagnosis. Kodak digital helps create a safer treatment environment by eliminating biohazards chemicals and significantly reducing patient radiation. LOGICON Caries Detection Software is a computer-aided tool used to classify tooth decay and has been proven by the American Dental Association to increase tooth decay detection by 20%.

General Dental Care involves the diagnosis and treatment of problems with teeth and tissues in the mouth, along with giving advice and administering care to help prevent future problems.

  • We will provide instruction on diet, brushing, flossing, the use of fluorides, and other aspects of dental care.

  • We can remove tooth decay, fill cavities, examine x rays, place protective plastic sealants on children’s teeth, straighten teeth, and repair fractured teeth.

  • We may perform corrective surgery on gums and supporting bones to treat gum diseases.

  • We can extract teeth and make models and measurements for dentures to replace missing teeth.

  • We can also administer anesthetics and write prescriptions for antibiotics and other medications.

We always wear disposable masks, gloves, and safety glasses to provide the maximum protection to our patients.

Benefits of Digital Radiography

  • High definition images for accurate diagnosis

  • Less waiting time and shorter appointments

  • Reduces patient exposure to radiation by 50%

  • Environmentally friendly


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