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It's time to get back to a healthier lifestyle: integrate all-natural CBD products into your daily routine to make a lasting impact on your health. Good Vibes Oil and CBD products are formulated with USA-grown, organic ingredients so you know exactly what's in your product.

I was always a little nuts. Maybe it was my upbringing but I am your typical all over the place, thoughts everywhere kind of girl. For the last decade, I have also been very health conscious and worked to keep myself up as best as I can. I think this is a product of being such a young mom. I had my first child when I was 18 and I always have felt like I missed out on something. Maybe I did maybe I didn’t. Most likely it was somewhere in between. A couple of missed nights of dancing in a dive bar with friends that had little to no responsibilities in our early 20’s. Not changing the world but feeling like we were one Lil John song at a time. Keeping myself up physically became a necessity. A way to be able to stay young so when my youngest is off to college I could have some feeling of freedom or making up for the time that I (think I might have) lost. 

Things were working out well until the birth of my second child. The pregnancy was normal other than my weird cravings for raw meat. My child was healthy and all seemed well. A few months down the road something felt different. I was depressed. Sad. I wouldn’t have ever described myself as a ray of sunshine but this felt different. Like a heavy blanket of lethargy mix with terrible thoughts of the future. Then came the weight. Not just the weight from my pregnancy but post-pregnancy I could not get back to my normal weight. I was eating right, exercising, counting calories but nothing helped. Then came the acne. I never really suffered from acne in the past and have always had smooth skin. This was terrible. Like high school terrible. I went to see my doctor and that’s when things got worse. 

With each doctor came another “I don’t know” and referral to a different specialist. I was told I have everything from endometriosis, cystic ovaries, PCOS, high testosterone, hypothyroid and I know there are a few I am leaving out. Then the neverending period hit. 3 - yes count them 3 months straight of having my period and I was at yet another doctor, overweight with a face full of pimples. This doctor’s diagnosis was the worst ...I “needed” a hysterectomy. I was still in my 20’s. I was desperate to literally stop the bleeding and I went ahead with it. I gave up my womb. 

Post-surgery the bleeding obviously stopped being that I no longer had a uterus but none of my other symptoms left. None of the medications I took had any impact on my symptoms or moods. I felt absolutely lost and alone. I started looking for something, anything that would help. By going through my medical records and a whole bunch of web searches with my husband, it was obvious to us that there was a problem with my endocrine system but we were not educated enough to know why. We started learning as much as we could about the endocrine system, thyroid glands, depression acne and all of the issues had one thing in common. INFLAMMATION. 

Ok, what could we do next. We supplemented iodine for my thyroid, had micronutrient tests done to see where I was deficient, and adjusted my meals to supplement everything I was low in…. No results. 

We had been investing in the Michigan cannabis market and heard of this term, CBD. We didn’t know much about it but a talented grower that we worked with was using it on his dog and absolutely swore by it. What did I have to lose, I tried it. I was worried about getting high or failing a drug test and then found out that CBD does neither of these things. I was all in. The results were not immediate but after about a week I started to see changes. The first thing is that all of the water I was retaining left my system like I was out all night drinking. My acne stopped looking so angry and then eventually faded. I was losing weight at the gym. My mood improved greatly. I was starting to feel like my old self again. 

I never would have thought that CBD would treat my acne or CBD would treat my hormone imbalance but what we are learning is that overall, CBD is a great substance to fight inflammation. The FDA will soon finish their testing and evaluating and I think one of the biggest benefits that they will find is the anti-inflammatory aspects of CBD. Inflammation is the cause of many people's ailments. Everything from depression to joint pain. Along with the results I was also experiencing zero side effects...unless you count better sleep at night. I won’t lie and tell you that CBD was a cure-all for me. There was also a lot of hard work at the gym and cleaning up my eating habits to blame. The diets we eat as Americans, the preservatives in our food, our sedentary jobs and lifestyles all lead to inflammation epidemic that is infecting our bodies and minds.               



This is why my husband and I left our jobs and our lives in California to come back to Wisconsin, start a farm and sell the highest quality and best sourced CBD. I want everyone to have the results that I have had and truly see the power of this amazing plant.


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