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Advanced Payroll Concepts, LLC

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Our Services

State New-Hire Reporting

APC will file mandatory reports with the appropriate state agencies regarding each of your newly hired employees within 20 days of the date of hire. This means you can stay in compliance with state regulations and ensure proper wage garnishment notifications.

“Outsourcing payroll is a logical starting point for companies looking to streamline internal operations for either HR or IT.”

-Human Resources Magazine

Payroll Processing Services

Managing your payroll is a time-consuming process. APC can eliminate the hassle and ALLOW YOU TO DO WHAT YOU DO BEST!

APC provides several payroll input options including fax, phone, PC input and Excel timesheet via email.

Payroll Reporting

APC provides our clients with payroll reports including payroll registers, department reports, certified payroll reports, job costing and much more. APC’s custom report service can provide virtually any payroll information in any format.

“Outsourcing payroll and related tax duties…allows employers to meet filing deadlines and deposit requirements while streamlining business operations.”

-Internal Revenue Service US Department of the Treasury

APC Tax Service

Your payroll tax liabilities can be automatically deducted each payroll period, then paid on your behalf to the appropriate State and Federal agencies. APC will prepare, sign and automatically file all required payroll tax returns including:

  • Federal 941
  • Federal 940
  • State Unemployment
  • State A1-QRT
  • DES UC-018
  • Federal W-2/W-3

APC Tax Service provides a disciplined budgeting and cash management tool for your business.

“APC” means there is no longer any need to worry about IRS and State tax penalties.

Garnishment Processing

The Family Support Act of 1988 makes the employer responsible for calculating, deducting and forwarding the proper amount of court ordered garnishments from employee payroll checks.

APC’s garnishment service assists our clients in performing this cumbersome process. APC eliminates the possible costs of non-compliance, including fines, penalties. We take responsibility for making the payments on behalf of the employee.

Direct Deposit

APC can automatically deposit employees’ pay into their bank accounts. APC Direct Deposit service is safe, convenient and eliminates lost labor cost from employees waiting in bank lines on payday!

GL Interface Services

APC’s GL Interface services allow you to post payroll entries to QuickBooks, Peachtree or other popular accounting programs with the touch of a button. This can eliminate hours of tedious and error-prone data entry each payday.

Optional Services

APC also provides the following optional Automatic services:

  • Automatic Check Signing
  • Automatic Check Stuffing
  • Split Delivery Locations
  • Deduction Tracker


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