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A Kids Place Dentistry for Children

100% Local

451 Duvall Ave NE Suite 140
Renton , WA 98059 (view map)
Phone: 425-228-5437 FAX: 425-663-7990 Website: Hours:

Monday-Thursday: 8:00am – 5:00pm
Friday: Open in June through the Summer

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Comprehensive Care

A Kids Place Dentistry proudly refers to themselves as the "Pediatrics of Dentistry" as they navigate a high tech, all digital office that offers the best overall oral care to children through age 18.  With experience in prevention education, low radiation radiographs, trauma care, tooth alignment, advanced diagnostic equipment, cavities and tooth colored fillings (to name a few!) Dr. Keith McDonald and his staff will guide your family through all of the stages and challenges that come with raising a family with healthy smiles.  A Kids Place Dentistry is a PPO provider with all major insurance providers.


Individualized Approach

Dr. McDonald takes a holistic, unified approach to dentistry, believing that not only is the health of your child's gums and alignment of her teeth important, but so is her overall wellbeing, as all areas of health are interconnected.  Parents are the experts when it comes to understanding specific nuances about their child such as anxiety, why certain habits may exist (thumb, binky, nail biting), and what treatments their child may or may not tolerate.  This is especially true with infants and those children with special needs, who may need that extra care to make their visit successful.  Dr. McDonald will respect your own parental philosophies on topics such as fluoride, amalgam fillings (which include mercury), x-rays, diet, and work with you in creating your child's dental health treatment plan. 


Focus on Prevention

When out of the office, it is not uncommon for you to find Dr. McDonald at a local school or gathering, sharing the importance of preventative tooth care. The goal of dentists and parents alike is overall health, and when it comes to staying cavity free, prevention is the key!  At A Kids Place, helping children and parents build healthy habits is just as important as the procedures and cleanings themselves.  Being a parent is challenging, but A Kids Place will give you the needed tools and encouragement you need to look after the little teeth in your care.



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