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Janelle is a 200 RYT YogaFit certified yoga instructor, member of the Yoga Alliance, and NASM certified personal trainer. She holds additional certifications in Mindfulness and Meditation and Restorative Yoga. She engages with clients one on one and in a group setting to enhance their health and wellness through movement, breath work, and meditation. To create better health outcomes for my clients, She works in a holistic approach. After taking a close look at their daily routines of sleep, movement, stress and nutrition, Janelle is able to create a structured plan to promote well being. 


Janelle teaches Hatha yoga in a gentle vinyasa style. Her classes start with breath work and meditation, include a warm up, then progress to a strength, endurance and balance phase, and we finish with deep stretching and savasana (deep relaxation). She enjoys weaving themes, mindfulness and meditation techniques, different forms of pranayama (breath work), poems, quotes, and stories into class. Janelle practices yoga because the teachings help her stay balanced and gain awareness without judgment. My hope is that your practice inspires awareness.

Personal Training

As a personal trainer Janelle specializes in helping clients lose weight and increase lean body mass as well as improve the following factors:

  • strength
  • mobility and flexibility
  • cardio vascular endurance
  • balance

She meets each client exactly where they are at and we work together to take them to the next level of fitness. It doesn't matter where your starting place is, we can work together to help you achieve your fitness goals.



Yoga Classes

  • Kids/Seniors
  • Restorative
  • Power Vinyasa Flow
  • Beginner and Intermediate

Corporate Yoga Classes

Personal Training

Buddy Training

Small Group/Corporate Training

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Artist Statement....

My work features bold solitary figures performing one yoga pose on a solid background. Inside the silhouettes are scenes of stars, clouds, and landscapes rendered in a colorful, imaginative, and dreamy manner. The figures appear in contrast to the stark and simple background. I enjoy using bold and vibrant colors to create a feeling of vitality, other-worldliness, and spirituality. Several works include spiraling voluminous clouds which enliven the work with a sense of movement. The combination of figures and star, cloud, and landscapes emphasizes the connection between man and the universe.


The study and practice inspire my artwork. Each pose, asana, holds significance to me in terms of how it relates to the eight limbs of yoga and how it feels in the body. For example, triangle pose represents balance between our mind and body and opening up your yourself to the world. In the pose, you are rotating your chest up towards the sky and expanding it by reaching your arms in opposing directions. Your body feels dynamic tension while holding the pose between standing grounded while reaching upwards.


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