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S. E. Wisconsin Hearing Center

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6015 Durand Ave Suite 100
Racine , WI 53406 (view map)
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S.E. Wisconsin Hearing Center Inc.

         "We'll bring music to your ears"
Why Choose Us

Many people don't realize the benefit of going to a truly independent hearing healthcare professional. As an independent business owner, you the patient, are my concern not a manufacturer that has ownership in my business. When you come to S. E. Wisconsin Hearing Center you will fit you with the best hearing aid for your hearing needs and not a hearing aid that the manufacturer has limited me to. You can choose from multiple brands. The article below sheds light on how the franchise hearing businesses are connected with manufacturers.


Dave Braun - Bio & Philosophy

My name is Dave Braun and I am the President and CEO of S.E. Wisconsin Hearing Center Inc.  I am licensed to fit and prescribe hearing aids in Wisconsin.  Initially I worked for a Wisconsin chain where I served as a traveling practitioner working as far west as Madison and as far north as Chilton Wisconsin.  This is where I developed my own style in treating patients suffering from hearing loss.  I have observed in treating hundreds of patients that hearing loss is a family liability.  That is, everyone in the family is affected by hearing loss from the people living with the patient to those who are in close and daily contact with the patient.  Watching my mother suffer with untreated hearing loss and knowing the isolation that it caused has been my main passion for helping the hearing impaired.     

In July 2013, I founded S.E Wisconsin Hearing Center Inc.  Currently I am serving the hearing healthcare needs of patients in Racine, Kenosha, Burlington, Waterford and Western Racine and Kenosha counties.  

While I had offers to partner with other companies as a franchise owner, I decided to open up my own independent practice. By eliminating multiple levels of management and franchise fees, I can offer the best technology available to my patients without sales pressure and large overhead.  Everything that I sell is state of the art and most are blue tooth compatible.  My goal is help improve the quality of life of the people I serve. I never want to see hearing loss go untreated because of price concerns.  My products will cover those who lead heavily active lives to those who are more sedentary.

I am also a part time employee of Mobile Medical Specialist out of Pewaukee where I travel to assisted living facility homes and serve the hearing care needs of the convalescent and Medicaid patients. 

I am married and we have two children.  My wife Paula is a music teacher and performing musician.  My son Pete is an actuary and my daughter Heather is pursuing a career as a drug and alcohol counselor.  I am also an accomplished jazz guitarist where I have perform regularly at the HobNob in Kenosha Wisconsin since 1994.

I believe that being a performing musician is what gives me an edge over my competitors.  As an active musician, I know as well as anyone the value of hearing.  I could lose my eyesight and still perform.  However, if I lose my hearing I am finished.  Knowing how sound works and is perceived is essential in fitting hearing loss.  The biggest problem that people notice is that sounds are so different.  By understanding the balance of highs (treble) and lows (bass) I can fit the patient so that the sounds are as close to normal as a hearing instrument can perform.


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