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Rasmussen Diamonds

100% Local

6220 Washington Ave
Racine , WI 53406 (view map)
Phone: (262) 884-9474 FAX: (262) 884-4794 Website: Hours:

Tues – Fri 10 am – 7 pm
Sat 10 am – 5 pm
Closed Sun & Mon
Hours Change per Season

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We’ve Been Celebrating Special Moments........Since 1900

The people at Rasmussen Diamonds focus on providing the ultimate jewelry experience by consistently connecting intimacy with extraordinary service, finest quality products at the fairest prices, incredible professionalism and follow through. We offer the most extraordinary shopping experience in the market, from environment to product to service and far exceed our customer's highest expectations every day.

What We Stand For

Rasmussen Diamonds’ Vision, Mission and Guiding Values are centered on the “Ultimate Intimate Jewelry Experience” which is almost a holistic or metaphysical way of approaching business.  It helps customers feel very comfortable doing business with Rasmussen Diamonds because Rasmussen’s professionals emanate honesty, integrity and give exceptional service.  Professionals who have the customers’ best interest utmost in their mind to elicit the most wonderful, positive buying experience:  professionals who touch on a “soul” level.

This experience is what makes us “family” for our associates, our customers, our vendors and the community. It is the underlying theme, the constant that will create the bond that will carry us from generation to generation.


Rasmussen Diamonds will pamper our customers to the most incredible jewelry shopping experience in the market place. We will do this by consistently building intimate family valued relationships with our customers and the community both in business and beyond.  We will hold ourselves accountable to passionately and enthusiastically educate ourselves in all facets of the jewelry industry so as to always be the best jewelry professionals possible.  We will provide the finest quality products and services at the fairest prices at all appropriate price points.

Guiding Values

We will practice integrity in all that we do without exception.

The foundation of our company is based on relationships with our customers and the community.  The relationships we build will create enthusiastic buyers who will refer their friends and remain loyal advocates.  We will honor these relationships with honesty, respect and ethics.

We will advocate professionalism with regards to knowledge, appearance, performance, attitude, dedication to excellence and attention to detail.  We will hold ourselves accountable to aspire to exceptional achievement in each of these areas.

We will continually deliver incredible service to our customers, our suppliers and each other with a passion that is meaningful and has lasting impact.

We maintain an uncompromising commitment to quality with regards to merchandise and pricing that will always reflect honesty.

A positive relationship with family and loved ones is an integral part of our culture.


We have been loyal customers...

of Rasmussen Diamonds for 46 years. During the last 3 decades the Sustachek family has earned our respect and our gratitude.  We can count on Rasmussen Diamonds to provide innovative ideas and jewelry of lasting value.

Jim and Bonnie Eastman, Merchants Moving and Storage

We are the Dalton Family.

We started shopping with Rasmussen Diamonds in West Racine and followed them to their current locations at 6220 Washington Avenue.  It has been over 30 years! The first thing that we liked right from the beginning is that we could come in and look, touch and try on.  We also liked learning about the cut of the stone, the style and the designer of the piece.  We never felt pressured to buy!  When we left, we felt more informed.  When we came back and made the purchase we felt secure in it. We also love the warranty on the bracelets and necklaces.  If anything should happen to them, they will be replaced without a hassle.

They also have a wish list which means if I find a necklace, ring or watch that I really love and cannot purchase at the time, they will put the information on the computer and keep it on file.  When I am ready to purchase it, they will be able to order it accurately.  This means that they can make dreams come true!

Our story goes on with our son, Doug and his wife Emily.  Doug came to Rasmussen Diamonds to purchase her wedding ring – from Minnesota.  The tradition carries on!

Dennis and Diana Dalton

The first time...

my wife and I went into Rasmussen Diamonds was to purchase a watch winder for my watch.  I had called around and they were the only place I could find that had one on hand and that day they made us feel as if we had been buying jewelry and accessories from them for years.  Since that day we have purchased personal gifts, birthday presents, Christmas presents and other gifts for numerous occasions. Never have they failed to come up with the perfect selection for the individual we had in mind.  Their quality and selection are second to none and if you don’t see what you want they will find it for you. Rasmussen Diamonds is truly a fine jeweler and we will be using their many services far into the future.

Bill and Karen Isaacson


Since 1900, Rasmussen Diamonds has Upheld the Highest Professional Jewelry Standards in the World.

Although there are not licensing laws in the jewelry industry, Rasmussen Diamonds is a member of the American Gem Society, which is an organization that holds its members accountable to the jewelry industry’s strictest professional and ethical standards and by laws. To stay on top of all the gemological and technological advancements, Rasmussen Diamonds professional staff test, acquire and recertify yearly for the numerous gemological titles.  These include “Registered Jeweler”, “Certified Gemologist” and “Certified Gemologist Appraiser”.  Currently there are approximately 500 “Certified Gemologist Appraisers” in the world and 2 of them are at Rasmussen Diamonds.  Rasmussen Diamonds laboratory has also earned the prestigious titles of “Accredited Gem Laboratory”  from the American Gem Society (AGS) and Master Jeweler Certified Gem Lab from the Independent Jewelers Organization. (IJO)

Designer Jewelry

We maintain an uncompromising commitment to the finest quality products and services.  We are unwavering in our professional and meticulous selecting of merchandise and fair pricing that always offers our customers the best value for their dollar.   We consistently seek to know our customers needs and the market trends.  To reflect these needs, we always feature some of the World’s finest jewelry designers as well as our own unique fashionable “Signature Collection“ jewelry.

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We are so confident in our products and services that we are happy to offer the Rasmussen Diamonds Worry Free Promise:

Rasmussen Diamonds Worry Free Promise*

Rasmussen Diamonds is proud to offer the finest in quality jewelry.  We are so confident in the quality of our products and the steps we’ve taken to select them, that we are happy to offer the following three complimentary services:

Preventative Maintenance and Cleaning!
          From inspection and cleaning to tightening and re-tipping, you’re covered for life.

Keep your gemstones where they belong!
          If any gemstone in your jewelry ever comes loose, we will tighten it. If any .20ct or less melee gemstone in your jewelry ever falls out, we will replace it!

Keeping your jewelry fitting for life!
          We are happy to resize your rings to the extent possible for the lifetime that you own them! That also includes watch bracelet adjustments!

*Exclusions and Exceptions to, and Voiding of the Rasmussen Diamonds Worry Free Promise:

The “Rasmussen Diamonds Worry Free Promise” applies only to items purchased at Rasmussen Diamonds and excludes: (i) damages or repairs that become necessary because of excessive wear or misuse of the jewelry (including, without limitation, ring settings or jewelry metals that are damaged beyond repair);  (ii) designer restrictions (including, without limitation, resizing restrictions or gemstone type restrictions); (iii) item construction, design, structure and style restrictions (including, without limitation, sizing of a pave’ set ring, eternity bands, and other repairs or modifications that are not possible because of the construction, design, structure or style of the jewelry); and (iv) replacement of gemstones larger than .20 carat.

The Rasmussen Diamonds Worry Free Promise will not apply to and shall be void regarding: (i) any jewelry repaired, modified or worked on by any person or jeweler other than Rasmussen Diamonds; and (ii) to any jewelry that is transferred, gifted or conveyed to any person other than yourself or the first intended recipient of the jewelry (for example, if the jewelry is a gift for yourself or your spouse, and you or your spouse later transfers, gifts or conveys the jewelry to another person, the Rasmussen Diamonds Worry Free Promise will not apply to and shall be void in regard to the jewelry).

        The Rasmussen Diamonds Worry Free Promise is effective for purchases that occur after October 24, 2008. Rasmussen Diamonds reserves the right to terminate or modify the Rasmussen Diamonds Worry Free Promise for future purchases.       

Fully Engaged Cafe

The Fully Engaged Cafe was designed to be a casual, all-inclusive cove, set apart from the rest of our store, where dating couples can relax and learn about the whole spectrum of jewelry for their engagement.

Occasionally, we notice that the only thing on a young couple’s mind is the diamond engagement ring. And while that’s certainly the most popular piece, wedding jewelry is about more than that. Each of you also need wedding bands (you know, the rings you put on each other’s finger during the wedding ceremony…the ones the Best Man better not lose). You should also start to learn about inspections, cleanings, insurance, and even consider other pieces of jewelry as gifts for your wedding party. Since you’re about to get extremely busy planning a wedding, we think it’s easier to take care of all these things at once, rather than try to piece them together one by one over several months. In short, by making sure we’ve covered all the bases, we’ll show you what it means to get fully engaged.

Of course there are hundreds of individual rings in the cafe from which you can pick and choose. But these packages pictured below are examples of what it would cost to get fully engaged at various levels. Hopefully they give you a good point of reference. As you can see, it’s possible to get fully engaged regardless of your budget.

Here at Rasmussen we’re all about relationships. Your relationship with each other is what brought you here. And we hope the time you spend in the Fully Engaged Cafe will be the beginnings of a long relationship with us as well.

Local Rewards

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Reward Details: Get a FREE Diamond Dazzle Stick ($7.00+ value) with any $50.00 or more purchase, not valid with other offers, limit one per purchase (Expires: Never)


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We’ve Been Celebrating Special Moments........Since 1900

Rasmussen Diamonds’ Vision, Mission and Guiding Values are centered on the “Ultimate Intimate Jewelry Experience”

Expiration 12/31/2024


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