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Racine County Opportunity Center

100% Local

4214 Sheridan Rd
Mount Pleasant , WI 53403 (view map)
Phone: (262) 554-5006 FAX: (262) 554-6892 Website: Hours:

Mon – Fri 8 am – 5 pm
Nestling Place
Mon – Fri 6 am – 6:30 pm

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Racine County Opportunity Center

-Creating Opportunity for Life's Potential through Learning and Living


The Racine County Opportunity Center (RCOC), a non-profit corporation, has dedicated itself to responding to various special need in the community.  The goal of RCOC is to provide program that will help all individual maximize their potential and lead a life of fuller participation in family and the community.

RCOC believes we can meet the special needs in our community through:

Respect-Treat every person with respect.

Power-Empower every person to lead a quality life.

Challenge-Create real-world opportunities for individuals to reach their highest potential.

Commitment-Support and assist individuals so that they may have pride, joy, and fulfillment as contributing members of society.


Child Development Unit

Birth to Three

The Child Development Unit (CDU) is the Birth to Three provider for Racine County.  We provide support and services for families and their children, birth to three years old, who have special needs. The first years of a child's life are the critical years for learning and developing.  Our service approach is based on research that shows the importance of everyday activities that occur in a child/family life.


At RCOC, we know that every family’s needs are different, that is why our services are individualized to meet the child/families' needs.  Early intervention is successful when the family has the support to engage with their child.  The parent/child relationship is of utmost importance for the child's development.


 Our goal is to strengthen/develop child/parent relationship for fuller family

participation in everyday activities.


Child Development Unit Staff

Our therapists/teacher/service coordinators see the children in their natural environment - in the home/at daycare/grandma's house.  We have a team of professionals with vast experience in child development and special needs.


  • Early Childhood Exceptional Education Teacher
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Service Coordinators
  • Speech/Language Pathologists and Feeding Therapists


Business Services & Production Solutions

"Recognized for Exceptional Quality & Dependability"

The Benefits of utilizing services


The Racine County Opportunity Center  is committed to serving (RCOC) local business and assisting in creating a more diversified workplace. There are many benefits to contracting employment services with RCOC.


  • Assumes and acts as employer of record.
  • Ensures that all staffing needs are met.
  • Staff trains new staff reducing staff turn-over rates.
  • RCOC assumes all worker compensation liability and unemployment compensation.
  • Assist in diversifying the workplace
  • Assists  and ensures that employers are incompliance with the Rehabilitation Act


These are just a few benefits to contracting with the RCOC for your business needs.

Let us save your business money and valuable time. 


Janitorial  & Custodial Services


The Racine County Opportunity Center’s Community Placement Program has been a part of the Racine and Kenosha Community, providing custodial care to local employers for many years. RCOC is can assist your local business in creating productive solutions at a competitive price. These contractual agreements create valuable work opportunities and training for persons with special needs by allowing them to train in a competitive work environment, and prepare to work independently in a competitive environment.


Dish Washing & Kitchen Utility Services


RCOC has been committed to assisting large food service companies in their dish rooms providing opportunity in a food service environment.  These opportunities also create a supported integrated work environment for individuals to train in a competitive work environment. These opportunities provide training for the consumer to learn how to keep up with pace and demands of the workplace, communicate and build soft skills, take the responsibility of maintaining a work schedule, and learning the expectations of work place.


These are just a few of the skills each participant will learn with the community placement program while earning a wage.


Food Service


This is a new service provided by the Community Placement Program. We have partnered with local business and Child Care Facilities in order to provide quality, nutritional meals in compliance with the USDA-CACFP.


We will ensure that you are in compliance with all  regulations. We will ensure that you are staffed at all time as well as take the responsibility of being the employer of record and this covers workers compensation costs.


About The Nestling Place Childcare Center

The Nestling Place is a state licensed day care center sponsored by the Racine County Opportunity Center, Inc.  (RCOC).  Since 1957, RCOC, a non-profit corporation, has dedicated itself to responding to various special needs in the community.  As a continuation of that mission, RCOC is responding to a present and future need in Racine County--specialized early childhood education/day care. 


The Nestling Place offers comprehensive programming to all families seeking high quality early education. We work side by side with the birth to three program and because of this, we specialize in the provision of day care to those children with special needs.  However, we are an inclusive program, meaning that we strive to meet all children, with or without special needs, at their individual levels in their classroom environments and day to day routines.  Thus, all children learn and play together.


Children with special needs may receive social-emotional, speech, physical and occupational therapy based on their needs, directly embedded into the classroom environment. Our teachers are highly trained professionals with many years experience in both the early childcare field and working with special needs.


Other program highlights include:


  • We are open Monday through Friday from 6:00am to 6:30pm.
  • Flexible scheduling
  • An indoor playground and fenced outdoor playground
  • Stimulating classroom environments
  • Nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks included in tuition and following USDA guidelines
  • Before and after school care


Our Philosophy

The Nestling Place strives to meet every child at their developmental levels through play while meeting the families needs by connecting them to community resources. 


Based on research provided by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), play is an essential part to the child's learning process. By embedding learning directly into the child's play, we can observe and monitor the child's growth in  all areas of development including social-emotional , cognitive (or how a child learns), gross and fine motor (how the child moves), and communication.


This is, in part, why play is such an important component in our lesson planning and room environments.



Our Curriculum

We use the Creative Curriculum to enhance our environment and day to day activities for all children to learn through play.  Creative Curriculum is a research based curriculum that provides our teachers with todays' best practices to enhance all children's individual outcomes through effective teaching.



Developmental Assessments

Ages and Stages



The Ages & Stages assessments are used as an early intervention to identify infants and young children who may have developmental delays or disorders.


With parents permission, the screening system is completed by the teachers with input from the parents.  The assessments are then used to meet individual children at their developmental levels through lesson planning and small group experiences.  In some cases, the assessments can also identify infants or young children who may be in need of further evaluation. Referrals would then be made to either the Birth to 3 program or Racine Unified School District, depending on the age of the child.


The areas that are assessed include:


  • Communication
  • Gross Motor
  • Fine Motor
  • Problem Solving
  • Personal-Social




For each individual child, the teachers take additional assessments to further meet children at their individual levels of development needs.  These assessments, as well as work samples and observations are kept in individual portfolios that will help track the child's progress throughout their journey at TNP.


Parent Conferences


Twice a year, we encourage parents to meet individually with their child's teacher to discuss the child's development, accomplishments, and concerns.  The teachers and parents together decide on goals for the child and strategies that can be implemented both in the classroom and at home to help the child succeed. 


Referral Services


There are times when parents or teachers have concerns that a child may be delayed in an area of development or when a child has been diagnosed with a genetic disorder.  This can be a frightening and difficult time for the parents as they come to terms with their child's delay or diagnosis.  We are blessed to offer Birth to 3 services on site and can help family's through the referral process and their time in the Birth to 3 program.  We also work closely with the special needs department at Racine Unified for those children over three years of age.  For further information on qualification for the Birth to 3 programs, see the Child Development Unit page.  For more information on what Racine Unified has to offer, please see Racine Unified's home page for those children 3 years and older.



Healthy Kids

The Nestling Place Child Care Center participates in the Child and Adult Food Program (CACFP), a federal program that provides healthy meals and snacks to children enrolled in day care. All meals and snacks are provided, including infant formula and food  as part of the tuition and rotate on a four-week plan. At TNP, we focus on making meal times a part of our everyday lesson plan where we can teach the children about portion sizes and how to eat healthy. Meals and snacks are prepared on site by our friendly kitchen staff. We have begun practicing family style service with our children two and over, as well to enhance their self-help skills.

Many children today have specific allergies and epi-pens for allergic reactions. We will work with families to meet the needs of the child if there are allergies, different nutritional needs, or different religious beliefs.  Our staff is both trained and has experience with many different types of allergies and the epi-pen used for allergic reactions.


We also promote a full 60 minutes of large motor play in either our indoor gym or fenced in play yard.  The 60 minutes are broken into two half hour segments throughout the day.  There are also planned physical activities during this time as well.



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