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Join the thousands of merchants who use ACH and Zero Fee Credit Card Programs to accept credit cards for there business. I save my merchants hundreds of thousands of dollars each month with ACH and Zero Fee Processing! You will never pay merchant fees again.


Glad your interested in locking in lowest rates or eliminating all your merchant fees!
Who is Your Merchant Services Company?
While selling merchant services for the big banks, I was frustrated with the lack of flexibility and rates that seem to increase daily.  So I left and went to the top five largest processing companies and locked in their lowest rates and founded Locked Merchant Rates.   Using my Master's in eCommerce, I developed my company in the spirit of old school business and the nearly limitless options provided to us by an online world.  Always on the leading edge to introduce and take full advantage of the latest programs and cash discounts.  Rest assured, the biggest names and the best services are ever in your arsenal when it comes to taking care of business.  So, what can you expect from my company?  To put it simply, savings!  I offer the best programs that eliminate all your merchant fees and the flexible services to provide what you need now and assistance to grow your company in the future.
Brad Matheson
Locked Merchant Rates  



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