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Everly’s Ice Cream

100% Local

3108 6 Mile Road
Caledonia , Wisconsin 53402 (view map)
Phone: 2624562348 Hours:

Mon. - Thurs. 7am to 8pm
Fri. & Sat. 7am to 9pm
Sun. Noon to 8pm

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We are proud to be the place that delivers "Happily Everly After" with every scoop. Our offerings include a wide range of delicious ice cream treats, each crafted to bring joy and satisfaction to our customers. From our premium shakes to our classic sundaes, we use high-quality Cedarcrest Hand Scoop Ice Cream to ensure that every bite is a delightful experience.

Hand Scoop Ice Cream

Our hand scoop ice cream is made from the finest ingredients, providing a creamy and rich flavor that stands out. We offer a variety of flavors, each enhanced with delicious mix-ins that add a unique twist to every scoop. Whether you enjoy it in a cone, dish, or as part of a sundae, our ice cream is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Premium Shakes

Paisley's Premium Shakes are a highlight on our menu. These decadent shakes are not just drinks but an experience. Each shake is carefully crafted with rimming around the cup, a generous dollop of whipped cream, drizzles of your favorite sauces, and a large topper that makes it a showstopper. You can choose from our menu or create your own unique shake, ensuring that each visit offers something new and exciting.

Classic Shakes and Malts

For those who prefer a more traditional treat, our regular shakes and malts are perfect. Made with hand scooped Cedarcrest ice cream and whole milk, these shakes are blended to perfection. You can also upgrade your shake to a malt for an extra dollar, adding a rich, malty flavor that enhances the overall experience.

Cones and Dishes

Enjoy our delicious flavors of hand scoop ice cream served in cones or dishes. Whether you prefer a classic cone or a simple dish, you can savor the pure taste of our ice cream. With a variety of flavors to choose from, there is something for everyone.


Our sundaes are a classic favorite, offering the perfect combination of ice cream and toppings. Each sundae is topped with hot fudge, caramel, whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry. You can also customize your sundae with additional toppings to create a dessert that is truly your own.


Cool off with one of our refreshing floats. Made with your choice of soda and a scoop of Cedarcrest ice cream, these floats are a perfect treat for hot days. The combination of bubbly soda and creamy ice cream creates a delightful contrast that is both fun and delicious.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Indulge in our homemade ice cream sandwiches. These treats feature your choice of Cedarcrest ice cream nestled between two soft, chewy cookies. Perfect for a quick snack or a delightful dessert, our ice cream sandwiches are always a hit.

Ice Cream Cakes

Celebrate any special occasion with our custom ice cream cakes. These cakes are made with layers of Cedarcrest ice cream and your favorite mix-ins, all frosted with a light whipped topping. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any celebration, our ice cream cakes make it memorable.

Signature Dishes

Try our signature dishes for a unique ice cream experience. These creations feature special combinations of ice cream, toppings, and mix-ins that you won’t find anywhere else. Each dish is crafted to offer a one-of-a-kind taste that will keep you coming back for more.


In addition to our ice cream, we offer a variety of desserts including brownies, cookies, and more. These treats pair perfectly with our hand scoop ice cream, making them an ideal choice for anyone with a sweet tooth.


Quench your thirst with our selection of drinks. From sodas to lemonades and iced teas, we have something to refresh you. You can also add a scoop of ice cream to any drink to create a float, adding a creamy twist to your favorite beverage.


Take home a piece of the magic with our branded merchandise. We offer a range of items including t-shirts, mugs, and more. Each item is designed for ice cream lovers, making them perfect gifts or keepsakes.


Let us bring the joy of our ice cream to your next event with our catering services. We cater for parties, weddings, corporate events, and more. Our customizable packages ensure that you get exactly what you need to make your event special.

Loyalty Program

Join our loyalty program and earn points with every purchase. Redeem your points for free ice cream and exclusive rewards. Signing up is easy, and you can start earning points immediately.

Community Events

We are committed to being a part of our community. Throughout the year, we host special events and fundraisers. Check our calendar for upcoming events and join us in celebrating our community.

Social Media

Stay connected with us on social media for the latest updates, special offers, and fun ice cream content. Share your photos and tag us for a chance to be featured on our page.

Contact Us

We value your feedback and questions. Visit our website for contact information and customer service. We are always here to help you with any inquiries.


Local Rewards

Reward Details: Join our “Hitter’s Club” and receive a 10% discount on Ice Cream, Shakes, Malts & More! (Expires: Never)


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