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EverGreen Academy

100% Local

3554 Taylor Ave
Elmwood Park , WI 53405 (view map)
Phone: (262) 456-1079 FAX: (262) 456-1384 Website: Hours:

School hours
Mon – Fri 7:45 am – 3:45 pm

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EverGreen Academy is a growing 4k- 6th grade school, progressing yearly to 8th grade.  We are located in Elmwood Park, Wisconsin, in southern Racine County.

Our vision is to have a school where each child is —

  • known
  • valued
  • challenged
  • nurtured
  • looking forward to coming to school each day

Our mission is:

1. Each child will be known, not merely by that child’s particular teacher, but by all the staff as well. This will be accomplished by small classes and by frequent interaction between students and staff.

2. Each child will be valued because the worth of every individual is great. Every effort will be made by the staff of this school to see that each child will be treated as a precious commodity who has intrinsic worth regardless of their individual circumstances.

3. Each child will be challenged to do their best in all the aspects of their education, including academic, physical education, music, art, and social interaction with others. The curriculum will be sufficiently rigorous to ensure each child will learn what they will need to learn, and progress will be measured and monitored to make certain each child is keeping up.

4. Each child will be nurtured, by which we mean they will be helped, guided, directed, and gently prodded to grow and develop their various talents – by kind and caring teachers and staff.

5. Each child, each day, will be in an environment of happiness, joy, and excitement that will generate within them a desire to come to school each day.

Evergreen Elementary School maintains four core values.

1. SECURITY — We believe students must feel a sense of security while at school. They deserve to be free from fear – fear of criticism, fear of bullying, fear of physical harm. Teachers and other staff must be vigilant in guarding against anything that would cause a child to be afraid at school.

2. PERSEVERANCE — We believe students should be taught the value of never giving up. Students learn at different speeds. Some students fall behind and may become discouraged. We believe in teaching the truism that “All things are possible” if only you persevere. “Perseverance” is a quality that should be present in students – so they keep on trying to master a subject- as well as teachers who should never give up n a student who may be struggling.

3. RESPECT — All types of students are welcome at EverGreen Academy. Teachers and staff must take pains to make certain that all students are treated with the utmost respect regardless of physical, mental, economic, or national origin differences.

4. JOY — We believe that children learn best when they are in an environment that is stress free and is full of happiness and joy. Factors that enhance children’s joy include an atmosphere of fun, plenty of art, music, and a variety of physical activities spread throughout the school day. Not to be overlooked is the disposition of the teachers and other staff. If children regularly see teachers and staff smiling and enjoying their work, the atmosphere of learning is greatly enhanced.

We are a different kind of school.

We believe that every child is unique and different and that they are important. We believe in teaching children to love learning, and encouraging them to believe in themselves. We want them to know that they can do hard things. We know family involvement is important. We want to have communication with every parent so that each child can grow to their full potential. We know we can do this through our small class sizes, our stellar music and arts program, our innovative reading program and with our teachers who love what they do — teach! We invite you to check us out. You will not be disappointed!

Additional Info

A: Yes, we have uniforms.  Uniform policy is Solid color polos= white, red, navy, or forest green.  Dress Pants or Docker style pants allowed in Khaki, Black, Brown, Navy or Blackwatch Plaid.  Girls may wear the same colors of skirts or jumpers.  Shorts are allowed in the same colors.  Leggings or tights in white, navy, dark green, black or red are allowed.  Sweaters, sweatshirts and vests are also allowed in the shirt colors.   You can buy EverGreen shirts, shorts, jumpers, or skorts through the school at great prices.  We will also have a “FUND FRIDAY” where the students can pay $.50 to wear street clothes (no offensive graphics or phrases).  The funds raised from “FUND Friday” are used for School needs and to help those in need within the school.  Further questions or info please refer to the EverGreen Academy Family Handbook or click on “Dress Code Order Sheet” under “Information” tab.

School Hours : 8:00 am – 3:15 pm

A: Children can be dropped off at 7:45 in the morning at no charge.  If you needed additional hours, we have a sister school who provides additional care. See a member of the staff to find out more information.

A: We will have art and music on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Physical Education will be provided on Wednesday. We also have a 30 minute recess daily.

A: We do not have a cafeteria so the children will eat lunch everyday in their class with their teacher.

A: We have an extremely large, fenced in area covered with grass. We also have 2 play structures and blacktop for basketball.

A: Yes, along with art, music, and physical education….we are also teaching Spanish as one of our specialist. Once a week, the children will be taught using the full immersion method of teaching.


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