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Byrider of Mount Pleasant

Locally Owned Franchise

8224 Washington Ave
Mount Pleasant , WI 53406 (view map)
Phone: (262) 321-3532 FAX: (262) 321-0041 Website: Hours:

Mon – Fri 9 am – 7 pm
Sat 9 am – 4 pm
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At Byrider, we run our dealership differently from the traditional dealerships in Mount Pleasant. We know our customers come to us with different credit backgrounds, so we make sure to offer a range of financing options to meet the needs of many different budgets.

Traditional dealerships often have to turn away customers with bad credit or no credit. These dealerships use financial institutions to finance their customers that will judge you solely by your credit score.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to buy the vehicle they desire. Our buy here pay here options are based on what you’re able to pay, not on your past credit.


Instead of relying on third parties to finance our customers, we finance directly at Byrider, making it easier for those who might not otherwise be approved for a loan.

Byrider offers.... Buy here pay here dealerships are different than traditional dealerships primarily because they provide their own in-house financing, which means they can also offer easier credit approval for people who can’t qualify for a traditional bank or finance company loan based on their lack of credit history, low credit score, income, their job stability, etc.

In other words, a buy here pay here dealership serves those customers who need a car, but can’t qualify for a traditional loan. 

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3 ways buy here pay here lots are different than traditional dealerships

  1. Approval and financing are through the dealership; not a bank
  2. Approvals are typically easier, even if you have no credit or bad credit
  3. Payments are usually accepted on-site 

5 things to consider when shopping for a used car


  1. Cars that are sold “as-is” means the price doesn’t include a warranty to protect you from major mechanical repairs and expenses—costs that you may not be in a position to afford.
  2. Salvaged, rebuilt, branded or restored titles mean that these cars may have hidden problems like internal rusting or flood or fire damage, or a bent frame from an accident—trouble that can mean expensive repair bills down the road, as well as a car that will be worth far less when you go to sell it or trade it in. A bent frame can also mean your wheels can’t be properly aligned, which will reduce fuel efficiency and wear your tires out quicker. Always look for a car with a vehicle history report that can verify the actual mileage and a clean title.
  3. No credit reporting. On-time payments may put you in a good position to improve your credit score, but only if your dealership is committed to reporting them to the three major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.
  4. 3rd party or aftermarket warranties typically require you to get your claim approved by a specific auto repair shop or a call center before you can begin having it fixed. Once fixed, you may need to pay for it yourself upfront and then submit your receipts for reimbursement. Also, these warranty companies may be located off-shore and may close suddenly, leaving you without adequate service or coverage. Read the fine print, as many of these aftermarket warranties have very high claim deductibles, waiting periods, lots of exclusions (non-covered items) and conditions (a specific oil type needs to be used, regularly scheduled oil changes must be done with receipts for proof of work performed, etc.).    
  5. Higher miles aren’t necessarily bad. Cars in the 1960s and 1970s typically didn’t make it to even 100,000, but cars now are designed to last more than 250,000 with just basic maintenance. Don’t let a higher odometer scare you on a used car lot. The condition of a vehicle and its title status mean much more. 

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Technically, Byrider is a buy here pay here dealership because we offer our own on-site financing and easy approval process, but that’s where the similarities end. Byrider is better than a typical buy here pay here dealership because we also offer quality cars that undergo a rigorous 92-point inspection, computer testing, servicing and reconditioning to bring the vehicle up to our high quality standards. This means that we make sure the critical components on your car are inspected and fixed or replaced if necessary, such as tires, brakes, hoses, belts, battery and more, and that the fluids and filters are checked or replaced.  We do all this to help you avoid the unexpected cost of repairs and to keep you on the road reliably. You'll often hear about these advantages in the reviews of Byrider.


If you have credit challenges, or you just can’t get financed, a buy here pay here may seem like the right choice for you. But remember, Byrider offers you a better solution: the benefits of a buy here pay here with the security of the Byrider program backing it up. We’ve served over 1.2 million customers in the more than 25 years we’ve been in business, so you know you can trust us to be there. Below are just a few of the benefits that make Byrider the better choice.

buy here pay here infographic

8 ways Byrider may be better than a buy here pay here:

●      Easy on-site credit approval process

●      Affordable payments scheduled on your paydays

●      92-point quality inspection

●      Serviced, computer-tested and reconditioned cars

●      Clean-title verified

●      Limited warranty or service agreement

●      Low-cost service and repairs—often the lowest in town

●      Will help put you in a position to improve your credit score

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And, unlike a lot of buy here pay heres, once you leave our lot, you don’t leave our care. Our dealerships have limited warranties that last for up to 36 months or 36,000 miles, depending on the location. Others have optional extended service agreements that will keep your car running smoothly and affordably for years to come. Once your term is up, you’ll still be eligible for our Preferred Service Pricing, which means your car will be serviced at some of the cheapest rates in town. In fact, a 2016 survey of 24 service shops across 3 states found that our hourly labor rate was half that of the competition.


buy here pay here dealership

Byrider focuses on helping customers get into a good car even if they have bad credit, and helping them improve their financial situation by reporting their on-time payments. We know that we’re succeeding at our mission because we ask our customers—the people who really matter to us. In our rolling customer satisfaction survey, 95%* of our customers we asked say they’re satisfied with us. 

Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots

Unlike many buy here pay here car lots, we invest in making our cars better before we put them on our lot. We only buy cars that meet our rigorous quality standards for safety and dependability, and then we run each one through a 92-point inspection. Then, we invest in each vehicle and recondition it with newer parts to make sure they’re up to the Byrider standard of excellence.

And since we offer a limited warranty or an optional extended service agreement, we’re invested in making sure you can stay on the road affordably for a long time. 


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Clean Titles

We don’t sell cars with salvaged, restored or rebuilt titles. Cars with branded titles have had enough damage to them that the insurance company decided it was cheaper to declare them a total loss than to repair them. The reason cars have branded titles are most often because of severe frame, body, flood or fire damage. 

Cars with branded titles often:

  • Wear through tires more quickly, if the frame is bent
  • Are likely to rust if they’ve been in a flood
  • Have mechanical issues you may not spot right away
  • Have a significantly lower resell value
  • May have safety issues

We verify all our cars have clean titles with Carfax, AutoCheck or another reputable source so you can have peace of mind in the value and safety you’re getting from your vehicle.


We inspect 92 points on every vehicle we sell. Our technicians also take each car for at least a 20-minute test drive to make sure everything is running smoothly. The inspection process places a large focus on making sure the car is up to our safety and dependability standards.

Here are just a few points we check to make sure they’re in good working order:

  • Engine mounts, oil and filter, leaks and the intake manifold
  • Seat belts, spare tire, airbag warning lights, and the interior and exterior mirrors
  • Heating and A/C systems, along with the control knobs and switches
  • Frame, underbody, and the hood, trunk and gas releases
  • Electrical system, including headlights and taillights and the turn signals
  • Transmission, suspension, steering, fuel and braking systems

Computer Testing

We don’t just check the outside of your car. We also get into its core, including checking its logs with our computer testing system. This will show us if there are any misfires or engine codes, which could indicate trouble. We then repair anything we find and clear the codes.


Before your car leaves our lot, it will have had a fresh oil change and a new oil filter put into it. If the tires are bad, we’ll also replace them. We always conduct the factory-recommended service based on the vehicles miles to ensure you can drive your car worry-free until the next time your car needs servicing. And, when it does, we can offer you $10 or under oil changes for the life of your vehicle.

used car service


We only buy vehicles that have clean titles, but sometimes they still could use a little time and money to get them to our high quality standards. That’s why we spend an average of $1,500 reconditioning all our cars. Here are just a few of the 76 parts we make sure are in good order, and fix if needed.

We focus on fixing any safety issues, like turn signals or the emergency brake. We also make repairs that will extend the life of the vehicle, like fixing faulty belts or anything that can cause a problem down the road. Other car lots may only detail their cars to make them look better, but we’re committed to making the investments that will also make your car more reliable and safe.

Buy Here Pay Here Credit

At Byrider, we believe you should be able to get a car based on your ability to make our easy payments—not on just a credit score. That’s why our friendly loan experts base your approval on your current financial situation, instead of past mistakes. We make used car financing easy with no-haggle pricing. And we want you to succeed, so we build your repayment schedule around your lifestyle.

Low Delivery Costs

Life isn’t always convenient, and we know your car isn’t likely to break down when you have a lot of money in the bank. When you need a new car, you often need it fast. That’s why we only ask for a low delivery payment before you can drive your new car home—often the same day you apply.

Affordable Payments

Our personalized payments make it easier to pay on time because they’re scheduled on your payday. Affordable payments are based on your lifestyle so they’ll fit into your budget. The average Byrider customer pays just $182.82** biweekly. And, we always make sure your budget will fit your car payment before you sign the paperwork, so you can feel confident you can succeed.

Multiple Payment Options

Need more ways to pay than just one? Try six! You can pay:

  • By text
  • By phone
  • Through our website
  • Through a MoneyGram
  • Through a Western Union
  • By automatic withdrawal
  • And, soon, through our app!

Part of our commitment to customer success is making it easy for our customers to stay current on payments. We recommend using automatic withdrawals because reputable sources like Daily Finance names it as one of the easiest ways to help yourself stay current, but we have plenty of other payment options that make paying on time convenient.

Credit Reporting

Unlike other companies that only say they report your on-time payments to credit bureaus, Byrider guarantees we report them to all three credit bureaus. We do this because helping to put you in a position to improve your credit is one of our company goals. We want customers to be able to finish out their contract with Byrider and be in a better place financially than when they started. To learn more about how credit reporting can affect your credit score, read our quick guide here.

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When you buy a car from Byrider, you’re getting more than just your vehicle. You’ll receive our Preferred Service Pricing, discounts on oil changes and either a limited warranty or an optional extended service agreement.

Our expertly staffed service centers aren’t designed to make a profit. They help you stay on the road affordably, which means discounted oil changes and low-cost repairs.

Better Customer Service

Byrider employees are friendly and respectful. Unlike buy here pay here car lots, we won’t pressure you into buying a car you can’t afford. Instead, we’ll do our best to find one you love and that works for your lifestyle.

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On-Site Service

When something goes wrong, you can take your car right back to where you bought it to get it fixed. Many of highly skilled technicians are ASE Master Certified, and all of them have the training to diagnose and fix your vehicle. They’ll get you back on the road at an affordable price.

Preferred Service Pricing

One reason that owning a Byrider car is so much more affordable is our Preferred Service Pricing. Our expert technicians can diagnose and repair your vehicle at labor rates well below the industry averages.

Discounted Oil Changes

Maintenance is an important part of keeping your car running well, but it can get expensive. Byrider makes it easier for you to keep your car in top shape by offering oil changes that are $10 or less, depending on the location. Though some experts are saying you can go up to 10,000 miles between oil changes, Robert Sutherland, a Pennzoil scientist interviewed by the NY Times, recommends simply following your owner’s manual.

Oil Change Cost Comparison Chart

Limited Warranty or Optional Service Agreement

All of our cars come with either an optional extended service agreement or a limited warranty, for up to 36 months / 36,000 miles. Our warranty and service agreements cover things like the engine and the transmission, with the goal of keeping you on the road affordably. We believe that buying a car should help you stress less, so we designed our service department to support our goal of practical, affordable car ownership.

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* "Source: Rolling 12-month average of Byrider Dealer Services Customer Service Indexing Study, January, 2014 – December, 2014, rated sales satisfaction at 95%. When we ask our customers how they were treated, at least 95% of them tell us their sales experience with us was positive."


**Based on the Byrider national average over 12 months (July 2014-July 2015), using Byrider corresponding national averages for down payments of $ 1,587.19, vehicle purchase price of $12,271.35, average term of 47.17 months and APR of 21.12%. Your payment may vary based on your circumstances.

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