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Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking

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How to Quit Smoking with Allen Carr’s Easyway

We have a number of programs which will enable you to quit smoking easily, painlessly and without the need for willpower.

It’s been described as ‘a real smoker’s way to quit’. You carry on smoking until you’re ready to stub out your final cigarette. Easyway doesn’t focus on the downsides of smoking – smokers know all about those already. Instead the method answers the question ‘What’s so great about being a smoker?’ Understanding that is the key to being set free.

Find your Easyway to quit

There’s a reason we are #1 in the world

We have a 90 per cent* success rate based on the unique money-back guarantee at our centers. Independent scientific studies published in peer review journals indicate that even after 12 months the success rate remains over 50 per cent.

Over the last 30 years Allen Carr’s Easyway has helped an estimated 30 million people in over 50 countries worldwide to be free.

We can help you too.

All policy holders of the award-winning health insurer Vitality Health can enjoy a 100% subsidy to attend our centers.

In other words, it’s free!

For more than 30 years Allen Carr’s Easyway has been helping people with addictions and issues ranging from smoking, alcohol, weight, drugs, sugar, caffeine, debt, gambling and even fear of flying.

The method has spread around the world by word of mouth for one simple reason:





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