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Gregg Pickens Auction Service

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Stillwater , OK 74074 (view map)
Phone: 405-533.2600 FAX: 405- 533-1900 Hours:

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Selling property — houses, farms, raw land — through auctions is proving to be the most effective way, auctioneer Greg Pickens says.

He owns Pickens Real Estate/Auctions, 619 S. Lewis in Stillwater.

“This is not just a local trend but a national trend,” Pickens said. “The auction method has been in place basically since time began. People realize it is a very efficient and fair way to do business.”

“We’re in a time sensitive mode. People know when the sale is and when they need to do their inspection of the property and when to get their financing in order. For the seller, they know when the property will be sold, when the property will close, and when they will get their money.”

Gregg Pickens has grown up in the auction business. His father, Ernie, started the business in 1960. Gregg started going to auctions with his father at age 4. By the time he was 9 years old, he was selling using a microphone.

But Pickens spent 15 years in the real estate business with Fisher Provence Real Estate before he branched out with his own real estate company.

While the agency does list and sell houses and farms the traditional way, Pickens said he puts emphasis on selling property through auctions.

And, he says the auction industry has changed drastically through the years.

Technology has taken over.

“People can bid online. Most auctions are Web cast, which means you can sit at your computer in your office and watch a live auction wherever they may be held,” Pickens said.


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