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Hale Academy

100% Local

3443 SW 20th Street
Ocala , Florida 34474 (view map)
Phone: (352) 854-8835 FAX: (352) 861-8822 Website: Social Media


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Hale Academy is a non-denominational, private school located in the heart of Ocala just off of S.R. 200 and I-75 beside the College of Central Florida and serves students in grades PreK-3 through 12th grade.

Hale Academy is now proud to announce the addition of a new 100% scholarshipScholarships program through Step Up for Students.  This program offers a top notch education to students who qualify both academically and financially.  Please visit our Website or call us to schedule a tour of Hale Academy and learn more about the program today!

Hale Academy is committed to providing excellence in independent education. Hale Academy instills confidence and self-reliance in each student by providing a challenging, values-centered program. The Academy’s principle commitments are to develop students dedicated to a lifetime of learning, leaders devoted to their civic responsibilities, and visionaries eager to accept the challenges of a global society. We Classroom1welcome you to enjoy all Hale Academy has to offer and encourage you to contact our Admissions Office for more information about our private school’s programs!

The curriculum at Hale Academy is relevant, accelerated and appropriately challenging. It ensures that every student will be prepared to meet the changing demands of both today and the future. Furthermore, students receive ongoing instruction, beginning at the prekindergarten level in Spanish, music, art, technology and physical education. To help ensure preparation for the technological demands of the 21st century, all classrooms are equipped with computer labs and Hale Academy middle and upper school students perform daily work and manage their assignments on personal laptops. Interactive Smart Boards are also used for instruction throughout the school.

We understand the value of individualized attention, and in doing so, Hale Academy remains committed to maintaining a small student-to-teacher ratio. And because students are interviewed and tested for admissions, you can be assured that your child will receive well-crafted, rigorous instruction delivered by highly credentialed teachers inKids2 a safe environment where learning, personal responsibility and high achievement remain the focus of each school day.

Another exciting point of difference is that the school day at Hale Academy does not necessarily end when the dismissal bell rings. Instead, students in all grades may choose to participate in a vareity of after school activities including chess, soccer, chorus, golf, gourmet cooking, crafts, horseback riding, track and field, student government and drama. All afterschool activities are designed and supervised by Hale Academy’s dedicated faculty and your child’s participation is offered at no additional expense.

What can you expect as results from choosing Hale Academy to serve the educational and developmental needs of your child? First and foremost, a safe, nurturing and challenging learning environment where building strong foundations and solid character are paramount.

Core Values:

  1. Respect- towards ourselves, others, our school and our country.
  2. Honesty- complete truthfulness to ourselves and others.
  3. Excellence- superior performance and successfully achieving results.
  4. Communication- timely, effectively and respectfully.
  5. Self-discipline-exercising control of our time, attitude and actions to produce positive results.
  6. Creativity-using innovation to drive imagination.
  7. Community Contribution- giving back with caring.

Educational Philosophy:

Hale Academy represents a partnership among students, parents, faculty, administration, and staff. These partners are united in their commitment to the common objectives outlined in our mission and core values.Flag

Hale Academy embodies its philosophy through its commitment to the following goals:

  • To promote a positive attitude toward learning.
  • To develop in students a command of essential competencies– to read with comprehension, to listen attentively, to think critically, to solve problems analytically, and to communicate effectively in oral and written language.
  • To nurture creativity and appreciation of the arts.
  • To foster both independent and collaborative thinking.
  • To build strong self-esteem, good citizenship, appreciation of differences, and social harmony.
  • To create an atmosphere of social justice, of respect for the dignity of every being.

Hale Academy is fully accredited by the Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS) and the Florida Kindergarten Council (FKC).

Hale Academy has a non-discriminatory policy. Applicants are not discriminated against for race or nationality.

Application Procedures:

1. Parents visit the Academy and meet with the Headmaster and/or the Assistant Head of School. If it seems appropriate, parents will be provided with an application packet.

Student22. Parents should then schedule a date for the student to spend a day in the appropriate class(es). This enables the teacher(s) to participate as an integral part of the evaluation process. Admission testing and/or other evaluation(s) will also be conducted on this day. Testing time ranges from forty-five minutes to two hours, depending on the grade level. The initial application fee ($ 50.00) is due at this time.

3. Parents are asked to follow through to ensure the previous school transcripts and recommendation forms have been completed and sent to Hale Academy. Once the application is complete, a decision is possible within one week’s time. Successful enrollment is complete when acceptance has been granted, fees are paid, and all required forms, including the enrollment contract, are properly executed and filed at Hale Academy. New students coming from another school or day care facility must furnish all records pertaining to the child’s development.

*Hale Academy will request records from your child’s previous school(s). Please beArchery aware that while we strive diligently to meet our students’ educational goals, we are not necessarily equipped to address the needs of students with special learning situations.

Whether you are beginning the search for your child’s first school, or are simply ready to make the change from your child’s current school into a learning environment that is much more personalized, safe, and appropriately challenging, you have come to the right place.

Which matters most - one test or true college preparation?

“With such tremendous emphasis placed on just one, high-stakes state test, children no Lunchlonger receive comprehensive, concentrated instruction, and the meaningful learning experiences necessary to prepare them for the rigorous demands of college and life thereafter.”

Hale Academy is different. We do not “teach to the test.” Our curriculum is original, comprehensive, and engaging. As an accredited independent school, the state does not determine what, when, and how we teach. We do. And we refuse to restrict your child’s education and potential in life by focusing on just one test. We focus, instead, on true and lasting preparation.

That’s what matters most.

Is your child’s school providing individual attention?

“Children not only deserve, but need to know that they matter as individuals. They need to know that it’s okay to learn different things, at different times and in different ways. Unfortunately, most schools don’t account for individuals’ particular strengths andHighSchool weaknesses; nor do they take into consideration the unique differences in students’ learning styles. Children are expected to either ‘get it’ or fail.”

Hale Academy is different. We not only understand, but embrace our students and their differences. Our teachers are passionate not only about what they do each day, but about each and every child. When a student demonstrates notable strength in a particular area, we act, immediately, to tailor the curriculum for that individual child so that he or she does not feel unchallenged and become bored. And the same holds true for trouble spots. Because we assess for mastery on a continual basis, a weakness, once detected, is immediately addressed and intervention is applied in a supportive, one-on-one setting.

Tired of overcrowded classrooms?

“When asked how many students are in a class in their child’s present school, whether it be public or private, parents usually state a figure somewhere between 20 and 30. This Kids3is both startling and ineffective.”

Hale Academy is different. We give credence to the experts. According to the U.S. Department of Education, “A growing body of research demonstrates that students attending small classes in the early grades make more rapid educational progress than students in larger classes.” Furthermore, the National Education Association (NEA) “support[s] a class size of 15 students. . .”

Understanding the tremendous impact that small class size has upon student achievement, Hale Academy stands alone its commitment to maintaining amongst the smallest overall student-to-teacher ratio in the area. You can rest assured knowing that your child will never be “lost in the crowd” at Hale Academy.

School selection is a very important decision.

“Too many parents today feel trapped. They feel as if their children must either attend the public school to which they are “zoned,” or pay to send them to an independentPlay school whose curriculum, class sizes, and social ills simply match those of the public school system. As a result of their hopelessness, they give up, and it is the children who suffer. Parents not only have the right to choose a better place for their child… they have an obligation.”

Hale Academy is different. Although tuition is collected from families whose children attend Hale Academy, you gain the peace of mind in knowing that our students are educated by highly qualified professionals in a small, safe, supportive, and challenging learning environment that you have chosen for them. Because your child’s future depends on you, selecting his or her school is one of the most important decisions you can ever make. You should never feel that you have to settle for less.

Are you truly satisfied with the quality of education your child is receiving?

“Public education is in a state of disarray. Teachers are no longer required to hold the credentials that they have in years past, and the majority of instruction that is actually Kids5taking place in classrooms is intended only to prepare students to pass an annual state test. Budget cuts abound, restricting the types of elective courses and afterschool activities in which your child can participate. Children are pressured by peers to make dangerous, often times deadly decisions. More children are being bullied by other students, and sometimes even abused by the very adults whom they are told to trust the most.”

Hale Academy is different. Everything we do is about safely, professionally and effectively educating your child. Not only are Hale Academy’s educators intensely qualified, they love children and take tremendous pride in what they do for them each day. Students are exposed to challenging concepts and expected to master advanced skills in all areas of our curriculum. Furthermore, students are encouraged to participate in a variety of enriching extracurricular and community service opportunities. And because “respect for self and others” is our standard, we will not tolerate behavior or actions that could impose hurt feelings or danger toward another. Are you truly satisfied with the quality of education that your child is currently receiving? If not, we invite you to discover the difference that awaits you at Hale Academy.



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