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Gateway to Hope Ministries Inc.


3803 NE 7th Street
Ocala , Florida 34471 (view map)
Phone: (352) 433-1119 FAX: (352) 694-9237 Website: Hours:

Mondays and Thursdays: 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

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Gateway to Hope Ministries is a 501C-3 Non Profit Christ Based Ministry that is dedicated to serving the needs of the homeless, needy, underprivileged, frail, elderly, working poor, or anyone in need  in the Greater Ocala area.        

Our Mission is to Offer a Hand up and Not Just a Hand out.

We will have a number of programs designed to address the "at-risk" and under-served Hungermembers of our community. Currently His Café serves a hearty lunch meal currently one day a week to anyone in need. His Market serves as an outlet for the homeless, needy, underprivileged, frail, elderly, working poor, or anyone in need to receive emergency food in a grocery store like fashion. Our goal is to increase the meals served in His Cafe' to six days a week, and His Market to 5 days a week. In addition we are projecting to add Social Services, an Employment Assistance Program, and a Montessori Preschool in the years to come.           


Gateway to Hope Ministries' "His Café" offers a free hearty meal two days a week currently but not limited to the Homeless, needy, underprivileged , frail, elderly, working poor,  or anyone in need. Our projected goal for this program is to offer free hearty meals 6 days a week.Church

  • Come Join us for Lunch Every Monday & Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • St. Patrick's Episcopal Church, 3803 Northeast 7th Street, Ocala, Florida 34470


"His Market” provides emergency food in a grocery store like fashion for but not limited to the homeless, needy, underprivileged, frail, elderly, working poor, or anyone in need. Our hours of operation are Monday and Thursday from 11:00 a.m. till 1:00 p.m. Clients will receive a food voucher based on number of people in the household. Clients will then present the voucher to a Gateway to Hope Ministries Representative. The Client will then be able to choose the food items that they need. Gateway to Hope Ministries is providing a choice market to our customers to eliminate the waste of food.

Our Story

This is the story of how Gateway to Hope Ministries came to be. It started about 10 years ago, The Rev. Michael F. Messina Jr. noticed a need in his local church and Crosscommunity. The need was that people were hungry and needed help. The Rev. decided to start praying regularly for a soup kitchen and food pantry. In March, 2010 our President/CEO Randy Doramus was on a men's retreat weekend in Lake Placid Florida when God called him to start a ministry in Ocala, Florida called Gateway to Hope Ministries. Knowing that by accepting the call to start this ministry, Randy would have to move his family from Cape Coral Florida, a place they called home for over 22 years. To walk by faith so as to start this ministry, Randy prayed for confirmations that he had heard God correctly in calling him.

In May, 2010 Randy was visiting friends in Ocala and attended a church service at St Patrick's Episcopal Church where the Rev. Michael F. Messina Jr. was preaching. In the service the Rev. was talking about his vision for a food ministry and how he had been praying for it for ten years. He proceeded to state that the person who was supposed to start that ministry was in the service that day. (Confirmation #1).

In late May, 2010 Randy was at his computer working for the day when he received a message from his sister-in-law asking him "when did you move to Ocala?" knowing thatFishHands he had not told anyone yet of what God had called him to do.  He then proceeded to ask her "how did you know I might be moving to Ocala?" She stated that on his Facebook page that his city was listed as Ocala, Florida. (Confirmation #2 - God is in on the details).

In August, 2010 Gateway to Hope Ministries Inc. was formed. Every day since then we have been making great strides and feeding people in need. In March, 2011 we received a large generous donation of Seed money from Sanibel Community Church to help carry us through all our initial start up costs.(Confirmation # 3 - God will provide for all your needs).

Today Gateway to Hope Ministries is successfully serving lunch to over 800 people and helping over 110 families with emergency groceries monthly. We will continue to grow and help feed more people with God's help and your help! Please consider helping and DONATE HOPE TODAY!

Here's how you can Help!

We are currently looking for monetary donations to help us reach our 2012 projected Feedgoal of $100,000. "To the Least of These"  We are also actively seeking funding, donations and volunteers from individuals, business and other organizations that will enable us to meet the needs of clients who cannot pay.

Every individual and family has seen the effects of the depressed economy in the Greater Ocala area and around the country. As we work to provide services and outreach that will enable families to persevere during this difficult time, we at Gateway to Hope Ministries appreciate your consideration of your donations.  

General Donation

Donations make a difference for today and for the future. Many opportunities exist to enhance your personal philanthropic and financial goals. Making a gift to Gateway to Hope Ministries can be as simple as going on-line and paying by credit card, writing a check, or as sophisticated as crafting a new fund. Donations can be in the form of a one-time payment or by on-going contributions. Only your personal preference and your creativity limit the ways that you can help.

Support the ongoing effort of Gateway to Hope Ministries through an unrestricted donation to be used in annual distribution from its endowment fund. Gateway to Hope Ministries simply would not be able to benefit those in need without private support. This kind of donation gives you the knowledge that you have directly helped your neighbors and supported the daily miracles in the lives of those in need.Help

Planned Giving

Planned gifts allow donors to make a significant impact on those in need over an extended period of time. Benefits to planned giving other than meeting your charitable goals can include reducing your taxes while providing an on-going stream of funding to the program of your choosing. You can make a recurring pledge and contribute monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annually.

Estate Planning and Memorial Gifts

Give in the honor of a loved one. Gateway to Hope Ministries would be honored to receive a gift in tribute of another’s contribution. This kind of gift highlights the circle of people helping people.

Business/Corporate Donations

Businesses, large and small, local or national, can be a significant part of helping Gateway to Hope Ministries. Whether the contribution is monetary, goods or services, or public awareness, the impact that business can have on the community is tremendous.

Companies often find that the effort and commitment to sponsor a program, event or campaign, provides great benefits to employee morale and sends a favorable message to clients and customers. There are innumerable ways to donate from your company.

Here are some ideas:

  • Your company can sign up to receive our annual appeals, provide a monthly or periodic pledge, or conduct a gift drive or charity outing for employees.
  • Your company can organize and conduct a Food and Fund Drive, generating groceries as well as dollar contributions.
  • Your company can donate equipment, supplies or employee expertise toward helping Gateway to Hope Ministries serve more people and become even more productive.
  • Your company can periodically or regularly have employees volunteer at Gateway to Hope Ministries in a variety of meaningful and fun ways.
  • Your company can adopt a Program to match or augment the funds generated by an employee drive.
  • Your company can underwrite a program or fund in your company’s name.
  • Gateway to Hope Ministries would be glad to arrange a visit for company representatives to see our facilities and operations, or we'd be pleased to come to your company and discuss possible ways to collaborate.

Sponsor an Event

Individual, group or business donations can be used to sponsor an event or part of the Prayerevent. Several occasions on our events calendar can be chosen to give the donor the ability to impact the community in a specific way. We always need help at local festivals, shows, fairs, walks, food drives and special fundraisers. Sponsored activities and events are vital to the growth of Gateway to Hope Ministries within our community and can tremendously alleviate the pressure of finding funding for the event, so that we can focus on the goal of that event – to help the community and raise awareness and support.


Volunteers join together with staff and board members to form a family of "People Helping People" - people willing to give their resources, their knowledge and their energy to Gateway to Hope Ministries to ensure these daily miracles for the growing communities today and for future generations.



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