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Edwards Construction Services, Inc.

100% Local

85 SW 52nd Avenue
Ocala , Florida 34474 (view map)
Phone: (352) 854-6266 FAX: (352) 854-6280 Website: Social Media



Edwards Construction Services, Inc., a nationally recognized leader, was founded by Steve and George Edwards in Ocala, Florida in 1978. Evidencing its substantial growth in Mapsize and stature throughout Florida, the company has operated an Orlando office since 1999 and recently opened a Lakeland office in June 2010.

Financial strength, an experienced professional staff and a philosophy which embraces honesty, fairness and family, are just a few of the principal assets setting Edwards apart. Accordingly, Edwards’ expertise providing Design-Build, Construction Management and General Contracting services is unmatched in the industry.

Edwards’ success serving its clients is fulfilled through its mission…“100% Customer Satisfaction”. In addition, it is a testament to Edwards’ steady growth and noted repeat client base.


Offering the finest in value-added construction services, Edwards routinely provides proven project delivery methods including Design-Build and Construction ManagementPix3 services. Though Edwards performs conventional general contracting (design-bid-build) services, the company’s Design-Build and Construction Management processes continually deliver the greatest value to owners. Through utilization of Edwards’ knowledge, track record and relationships (such as Butler Manufacturing, and excellent trade contractor relations), Edwards’ clients secure control of costs, schedule and quality from inception through construction, and uniquely, into Post-Construction. Edwards’ innovative brand of services continually meet the needs of its clients and ensure 100% Customer Satisfaction.


Offering unmatched expertise in Design-Build, Edwards leads both the design and construction teams to provide single-source responsibility and accountability from Pix1project inception to completion. Early on, Edwards monitors cost implications of design decisions to assure budget and schedule compliance, and makes recommendations to ensure that the final product will meet the owner’s objectives. Further, Edwards addresses constructability issues in advance of construction to ensure a smoother flow in the building process. Often, portions of the work (such as site development, long lead items, etc.) are contracted prior to completion of the design, thus allowing an earlier occupancy date. This fast-track approach permits Edwards to expedite the project by compressing the overall schedule, and avoids costly re-design and delays frequently encountered in the conventional design-bid-build process.

Conceptual Design

  • Develop Project Master Schedule  Pix18
  • Overall site analysis  
  • Building and fire zoning  
  • Building codes and ordinances  
  • Traffic ingress/egress study  
  • Utilities availability and cost  
  • Budget Review  

Schematic Design

  • Design check-list  Pix19
  • Land survey  
  • Soil borings  
  • Site development and land use study  
  • Floor plan study and sketches  
  • Elevation study and sketches  
  • Design concept studies  
  • Structural studies  
  • Mechanical studies  Pix20
  • Electrical studies  
  • Life-cycle cost analysis  

Final Design

  • Site development and plot plan  
  • Floor plans and schedules  
  • Elevations and architectural details  
  • Structural plans and calculations  
  • Mechanical plans and calculations Pix17 
  • Electrical plans and schedules  
  • Technical specifications  
  • Finish and decorating schedules  
  • Landscape plan  
  • Confirmation of construction budget  
  • Develop Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)  

Construction Phase

  • Building of project  Pix15
  • Inspect and test critical items  
  • Negotiate changes as required  
  • Prepare and document for final Acceptance  
  • Clean-up  

  • Assist with equipment start-up and training  


In the Construction Management approach, Edwards becomes part of the team with the architect and owner early in the design phase. From the outset, Edwards provides Pix16state-of-the-art support and leadership to achieve the owner’s goals regarding quality, schedule and budget.

During the design development phase, Edwards offers conceptual estimates and value enhancement services. Edwards also evaluates systems and materials to ensure compliance with the owner’s budget and schedule objectives, and makes recommendations, when necessary, that will not affect the quality or functionality of the building. Following conceptual design, Edwards will continue to offer input and feedback regarding the project budget and schedule.

Edwards’ Construction Management approach also allows the project to be fast-tracked.; Edwards can compress the schedule when portions of the work (such as site development, long lead items, etc.) are contracted prior to completion of the design, thus allowing an earlier occupancy date.Pix10

The transition from design to construction requires complete bid coverage of all segments of the project and award of the work to qualified tradesmen. Over the years, Edwards has developed excellent trade contractor relationships to ensure that Edwards’ clients are provided the most qualified craftsmen available.

Edwards’ Construction Management Advantages

  • Owners receive an early cost estimate from an experienced contractor  
  • A Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) can be determined once the scope of the project is established, however a contingency will be established based upon the level of design development  
  • Owners can benefit substantially from Edwards’ services such as value enhancement and life-cycle cost analysis  
  • Valuable time can be saved since construction can begin before design is completed
  • Construction management fee is established from the beginning  Pix13
  • Construction costs are minimized by using the latest systems and materials that have proven most cost-effective  
  • Misunderstandings are eliminated when Edwards, the architect/engineer and owner work together as a team  
  • The final delivered product offers the greatest value based on the owner’s budget and schedule goals

    Pix14Edwards Construction Services, Inc. warrants its work for one full year from the date of substantial completion.

    Beyond this one year warranty period, Edwards will continue to service the building and perform any work to meet the needs of their customers.

    No matter how great or small the need, Edwards' people and/or qualified subcontractors will take care of it. Our customers need only look to Edwards for the solution to their needs.


    Residential Amenities - Mixed Use Developement - Senior Living Centers

    Food & Beverage Facilities - Manufacturing & Distribution Facilities 

    Office, Commercial & Institutional



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