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I began studying magic while I was a quiet, awkward, nerdy kid in high school. Because I had so much free time, I began to master my hobby of simple close-up tricks. A hobby evolved into an obsession, so I could never leave the house without a trick up both sleeves.  I wanted to share my passion for magic with everyone I met, so I mastered my craft and shared it whenever I could. My magic worked on my own personality; causing my former introversion to disappear. As I became more and more outgoing, interactive, and skillful, I found myself on stages in front of hundreds of people. Since then, I have appeared at numerous restaurants, churches, colleges, weddings, parties, and even a guest entertainer for VIP suites at the Indianapolis 500.


I spent the summers of 2017 and 2018 in Hancock, New York as a magic counselor helping children and teenagers learn the art of magic at the world’s second largest camp, French Woods Festival. There, I taught all forms of magic from close – up tricks with borrowed objects, to sawing people in half, or making them disappear (No, we cannot make your spouse vanish forever). My trip changed me even more, creating a higher level of pursuit for what I love than I have ever had. Now, I hope to share what I have learned with people of all ages across the country.


I wish to make each event I perform special and memorable for every person in the audience. I don’t want to simply “perform.” I believe in creating an unforgettable experience. I hope that my mind-blowing tricks, sharp sense of humor, and fun personality will captivate you and show you a side to magic you have never encountered before. Whether you hire me for a large stage performance or a close-up experience, you will leave the show wishing for more.

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