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Looking for a job and live in Greene County? Our partnership with, gives job seekers free access to millions of employment opportunities from hundreds of Web sites. now includes all the job listings from over 500 Web sites - major job boards, the top 200 newspapers, hundreds of associations and company career pages.

In contrast to job boards that only display jobs from their clients, Indeed is putting job seekers first by allowing them to search jobs from hundreds of Web sites simultaneously. With 100,000 new jobs every day, Indeed has more fresh jobs than any other Web site, including every conceivable type of job, from skilled to unskilled, full-time to part-time and every level of pay.

Plus, Indeed makes it easy for job seekers to drill down by keyword and location to jobs that fit their requirements precisely. (Jobs within 10 miles of Beavercreek, for example.) Advanced search options are also available, such as searching on a particular company name, a particular job title, or specifying a maximum commuting distance. Job searches can be saved as email alerts or RSS feeds, enabling users to track their searches continuously.

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