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If you have fly fished for any time at all, you will have experienced some parts of the sport that are less than ideal and may even cause quite a bit of aggravation.  All of our products were specifically designed to take the small - and sometimes not so small - annoyances out of an otherwise perfect sport.
Don't you just love it - NOT - when you are trying to change a fly and you let go of your fly line to dig into your fly box and the fly line slips back down through all those guides and then has to be rethreaded back through them?  Check out our ULTIMATE LOOPTM    leader-to-fly-line connector for the perfect solution.
Do you want to use a yarn strike indicator but don't want that irreparable kink in your leader that could cause your leader to break just when a big fish hits?  Our YARN ANCHORTM  will solve that issue and more.
And what about split shot?  There are more ways to get your blood boiling when using split shot than any other aspect of fly fishing.  But sometimes, you just have to have some weight to get that nymph down to the right place.  And who wants to use lead anymore?  It's really bad for the environment and for the ducks that eat things out of the soil.  Our TOOBIES SHOTTM  eliminates all the hassles of split shot, it's lead free and yet heavier than lead - and reusable!
Do you sometimes just get tired of waving that big fly line around?  Or maybe you are a spin fisherman and want to be able to fish small flies with the same finesse as a fly fishing angler.  Or maybe you have a friend who wants to go fly fishing with you but doesn't know how to use a fly rod and doesn't really want to learn.  Our STATECH SPINFLY LINESTM  are a see-it-to believe-it invention that allows an angler to fish flies with all the same techniques and grace traditionally reserved for fly fisherman and do it all with just a flick of the wrist using a spin fishing rod and reel.
And don't forget to check out our signature product, TURN-ON STRIKE INDICATOTRSTM.  They are sold around the world and are a industry leading indicator that are so easy to use, you may never even look at another indicator. Unless it's to look at our new version, the .
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