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Bee Removal Specialists for Live Bee Removal

First make sure you really do have a problem.

Sometimes many bees working flowers in a garden or a tree can be confused with a swarm. Many thousands of bees flying from flower to flower is not a swarm. These bees are just doing what bees do most, collecting pollen and nectar.

It's often alarming to encounter a swarm. It usually looks like a tightly packed mass of bees, which it is typically the size of a football, sometimes larger, containing 10,000 to 20,000 individuals, including a queen.


The difference is that a swarm is transitory but a colony is permanent. Once bees enter a cavity and begin to build comb, lay eggs and store pollen and nectar they're not intending to go anywhere. This is the time to have them removed, the sooner the better.

If you see a procession of bees which seem to be flying 'purposefully' in and out of a hole in a tree, wall, shed or some other sort of container, this is probably an established colony.


Call BEE REMOVAL SPECIALISTS as soon as possible, if you do have a swarm of honeybees on your property, before it finds somewhere more permanent. Once it has taken up residence inside your house wall or roof, it is much more difficult and expensive to remove!



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