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Lowrider Tattoo Studio

100% Local

2428 Newport Boulevard
Costa Mesa , CA (949) 548-4233 (view map)
Phone: (949) 548-4233 Website: Social Media


The evolution of the tattoo can be traced through all corners of the globe. Starting from the Ancient civilizations, to the Japanese, Americana sailors, and all neighborhoods around…What Lowrider Tattoo had at the beginning was the black and grey fine line style, developed from the streets and prisons, this was its foundation. Jose Lopez utilized this concept and technique in order to master this art…that journey started over 17 years ago…We have taken to Japan, France, London, Rome, Africa, Mexico, Australia and Brazil…We plan on going everywhere in this endless search to grow and learn more. It brings a lot of joy to be in the company of all these great people we have met and the places we stay.

Lowrider Tattoo in Costa Mesa has earned over 150 awards worldwide and continues to excel with the help and support of all our fans and true tattoo collectors, a special thanks goes to Manny, Ernie and Mark for always being there.  Recognized internationally as one of the best tattoo studios in the world, Lowrider Tattoo has made their mark-literally. They’ve received international acclaim from magazines worldwide and their work speaks for itself.
A special thanks to everyone who has offered their support along the way positively or negatively, without all of your putdowns and negative comments, we would not be here, you brought the best out of us. Thank you !!!


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