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Fleur de Lys

100% Local

369 E. 17th St., #14
Costa Mesa , California 92627 (view map)
Phone: (949) 548-0810 Website: Hours:

Mon-Sat: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday: 9:00am – 4:00pm

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Fleur De Lys offers an eclectic urban style reminiscent of the boutiques you'd find in SoHo or San Francisco with a unique selection of home furnishings and accessories that suit the comfortable contemporary lifestyle. At Fleur De Lys you'll find a mix of the ultra modern to the refined traditional with a bit of whimsy and architectural flair creating a comfortable, livable style with a hip version of sophistication.

Fleur De Lys in Costa MesaOur Merchandise

People ask us what our "style" is and its always difficult to answer. We surround ourselves with the things we love and the things that inspire us, or sometimes just the things that make us laugh. We don't have any certain style that we are loyal to, we are just true to our instinct and we select what we have a positive reaction to. We also like to work with good people and support companies that are generating positive energy. We've found that everything that comes to us brings a bit of its journey with it, so we like to surround ourselves with what we call "good karma items".

Interior Design

We don't believe in rules when it comes to designing. The only important thing is finding what you love and what is practical for your lifestyle then putting it all together to create a harmonious collection that suits you perfectly. Your home is not only your sanctuary, but your canvas for self-expression. It needs to be a place that reflects your personality. It should inspire you and allow you to live peacefully and comfortably.

Gift Giving

We love gift giving! We love the excitement of finding just the right thing for someone and then wrapping it up beautifully. When we are selecting our merchandise we are always thinking of items that will make perfect gifts for those hard to shop for people. We look for items from all over the world that are not commonly found here. We select items with great stories or significance so they are more meaningful to those who receive them. And of course, we gift wrap everything with our signature paper and our elegant gold seal!

Our Community

We are very fortunate to be located in such a wonderful community. The residents of Costa Mesa, Newport Beach and the surrounding cities are wonderful people and have become great friends and customers. We know that without the support of our community we cannot continue to grow and thrive and therefore, it is our responsibility as business owners to support our community in return. We have chosen to focus our energies on children and animals, two things near and dear to our hearts. We are strong supporters of our local schools because we understand the potential that children hold for our future. We are committed to supporting our local humane animal shelters because we believe that it is important to help creatures who are not in a position to help themselves.

Mercantile and Culinary NotionsOurselves

We never take ourselves too seriously. In fact, the sounds of our laughter usually precede us wherever we go. We have been friends for years but we also have a great professional respect for one another, which allows us to work perfectly together. We have a shared vision but we each bring our own sense of style and skills to the table. We refer to ourselves as stripes and polka dots because it pretty much sums up our personalities. One of us likes things organized and lined up neatly while the other enjoys the spontaneity of organized chaos. But, like stripes and polka dots, we always work well together! To find out who's who you'll have to stop by for a visit! We started this business so that we could wake up every morning and love what we do… and so that we could bring our dogs to work! We love the opportunity we have everyday to meet great people and to share in the events of their life.



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