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Costa Mesa Speedway

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88 Fair Dr.
Costa Mesa , CA 92626 (view map)
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Costa Mesa Speedway, Orange County, CA

Speedway Motorcycle Racing at the O.C. Fairgrounds 

Costa Mesa, California

Be prepared for an exciting and action packed time. Along with the energy-charged crowd, the air is filled with excitement, bikes revving in the background as the announcer calls out the colorful riders names like Bobby "Boogaloo" Schwartz and Shawn "Mad Dog" McConnell. You can also pick up a free program that helps you follow along and keep track of each rider, the events and how they scored. You make an early run for a snack and a drink, find a nice vantage point and get ready to soak it all in. Our warm southern California evenings make it the perfect night out event. Sunsets give way to fast and furious racing enjoyed by exuberant, friendly and fun loving fans. The racing is quick paced so there's never a dull moment. Also on any given night there are added attractions such as freestyle motocross jumpers, sidecars, chopper races and other fun stuff along with the speedway racing. Check the race schedule for specific events. There are also restroom facility's, staff, and security to assist you. You can expect to enjoy a full evenings worth of fun.

Speedway racing at OC Fairgrounds in Costa MesaIf you've never been to a speedway motorcycle race you may be missing out on one of motor sports most exciting, unpredictable, and action packed events. Motorcycle and racing enthusiasts in Southern California have been flocking to this summer time series of events since 1969, and it may very well be Orange County's best kept secret.  One of the things that makes Costa Mesa Speedway so fantastic is how close and connected the fans are to the racing. Its open seating in four main grand stands with not a bad seat in the house.  Box seats and reserved main arena seating is available for season ticket holders. You can get close enough to catch a cup full of dirt or far enough away to see the entire track in a single view without feeling disconnected.

Is Speedway kid friendly?

Kids & RacersYes, yes, and yes. The kids love speedway and speedway loves kids. The bikes are loud, the dirt fly's and the riders are colorful and friendly characters that love to entertain. Each nights racing begins with a riders parade that offers fans young and old to meet their favorite riders, take a picture or even get an autograph. There's also lots of goodies to munch on during the evening. Fans are also welcome in the pits after most evenings event to meet their favorite riders and see the bikes and gear up close.

Is there food and refreshments?

Yes. The Orange County Fair and Event Center provides concessions right along side the racing. Including a full line of menu items from hot dogs and hamburgers to sandwiches, corn dogs, and other freshly made snacks like kettle corn, hot nuts and cotton candy. Soda's, beer and even gourmet coffees are available. There is also a sit down restaurant right inside the racing venue, "Baja Blues", where you can order food and drinks and enjoy your meal at both indoor and outdoor patio tables. Adults can enjoy mixed drinks, bottled beer and beer on tap.

What is the racing like?

Speedway Motorcycle Racing in Costa MesaFast and furious. The racing is in an oval and they typically contain 4 to 6 riders usually elbow to elbow on the starts and in the corners which makes for some very competitive and exciting moments not to mention crash's. The races are held in "scratch" and "handicap" format which allows for more closely matched heats. The bikes are very specialized and run on methanol going from 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds and surprisingly with no brakes. Short 4 and 5 lap heats, one after another building up to a mind blowing main event that pits the best against each other for an all or nothing blow-out heat. Riders are classified by points and experience from beginner to pro as well as junior riders. Exciting is the best way to describe it.
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Can we meet the riders?

You bet. There are several opportunities to meet the riders. The evening typically starts of with a rider roll call and parade where kids and fans alike get to sit up on the railing and great their favorite riders as they all pass by. Some seasons we host a"featured rider" autograph session which takes place early in the evening with the rider signing autographs and programs. Fans can also connect after the races in the pits getting up close and personal with riders, bikes, crew and gear.
Rider Photos

Are there souvenirs?

Yes. Costa Mesa Speedway is proud of it's heritage and legacy here in southern California and no night would be complete without a souvenir logo t-shirt, hat or sticker and on those rare cool evenings, a cozy logo sweatshirt. Look for other specialty items at the souvenir stand at your next visit.
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What are the motorcycles like?

Fast Motorcycle ActionFast! The bikes are small and lightweight but with a mind blowing 500cc power plant.  They run on methanol alcohol with custom sprockets and tires geared for that nights track dirt.  It's really an art form.  The riders pitch the bikes sideways in the corners, turning the wheel to the right while going around a left hand turn.  Riders maintain balance by sliding the left foot with a steel plate boot using body placement and throttle control to a free wheeling rear tire to steer and maintain power.  Many of the riders maintain and work on their own bikes.

 What if I or my kids want to learn to ride?

The great thing about speedway is that it is very much a family sport and there is no shortage of folks wanting to help a new rider get started.  Costa Mesa Speedway hosts 2 to 3 classroom and hands-on lessons each season.  Called the "School of Skid", new riders and not-so-new riders can sign up to learn proper riding techniques, safety and equipment from a pro in a safe and enclosed environment.
Find out more about "School of Skid"

Are there other attractions to see other than speedway?

Side-car Motorcycle RacingYes.  On any given night there may be freestyle motocross jumpers, side cars, demolition derby's, Harley and chopper races and other fun stuff.  Also during the season are several high profile races such as the Warren Russell Cup, the Fair Derby, and the grand daddy of them all the United States National Speedway Championship when American riders from all over the globe get together to compete for the biggest night of the year.  You'll want to stay informed by checking the season schedule or signing up for the free email newsletter that will keep you up to date with race schedules, special Promotions, previous weeks winners, latest web site updates, latest Speedway News and much much more!

So come on out, bring the family and friends and get ready for a fun and ax citing time. Most people that experience speedway fall in love with it and are fans forever. That's why we've been here for over 40 consecutive years as the nations longest running weekly motorcycle event.

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A little history: 

In 1968, 1937 Speedway World Champion Jack Milne and motorcycle enthusiast Harry Oxley teamed up to promote motorcycle racing at the Orange County Fairgrounds (OC Fair & Event Center). Interest in motorcycle speedway racing was minimal for the first two years, but the sport soon enjoyed a rapid increase in popularity.

Vintage SpeedwayWhen Costa Mesa Speedway opened its doors in the summer of 1969, it was at the height of the surfer craze in Southern California; skateboarding, BMX and motocross were becoming popular with the state's middle class. As such, races at the Costa Mesa Speedway became standing room only at the weekly events by 1971. Top riders including World Champions with 13 titles between them Ivan Mauger (6 times) and Barry Briggs (4 times) from New Zealand and Ole Olson (3 time WC) from Denmark soon made the trip over to challenge the new American speedway riders.

In 1981, Orange County native Bruce Penhall won his first Speedway World Championship, becoming the first American do to so since Jack Milne in 1937. Penhall would repeat as World Champion in 1982 when he won at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the only time the World Final was ever held outside of England or Europe before the advent of the Speedway Grand Prix series in 1995.

The popularity of the sport in North America peaked in the late 1970s and remained strong through the end of the century; it has waned somewhat since then. It has remained popular enough to spawn smaller tracks in California, among them tracks in Auburn, Industry and Victorville. European teams closely monitor the talent at these tracks and many riders are recruited by such teams.

Costa Mesa Speedway has enjoyed a host of track announcers over the years including Bruce Flanders, current announcer Terry Clanton and Motorcycle Hall of Fame inductee Larry Huffman, well known in Southern California radio markets for his "high-powered" motorsports advertising.


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