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Business Over Coffee

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5865 Ridgeway Center Pkwy , Ste 300
Memphis , TN 38120 (view map)


Business over coffee


Business Over Coffee - Bringing Everyone Together


"We work with professionals who want to optimize their business through social media, educational exchange and networking events"


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How many times have you said, "Let's just meet over coffee and discuss this"? I have found myself saying this on numerous occasions with my former business, Imagine Your Celebration. After meeting with several potential and loyal clients over coffee I found the need to broaden the horizons of many individuals who found themselves beginning a new project in their lives on a shoe-string budget and an incredible imagination. Since their imagination was larger than their budget, it was up to me to fill the gap...thus was born...BUSINESS OVER COFFEE.

Sherri Henley

coffee cupFour Mores for your business enhancement


BOCI partners with a diverse group of professionals to broaden your scope of new and existing connections.


BOCI creates countless collaboration efforts that provide a win/win situation for all.


BOCI demonstrates social media platforms by providing hands-on training virtually and in-house to spotlight your business.


BOCI inspires your business from early growth to greater achievements.

Click and Connect For your business networking ~ Weekly Events by Month: 9-11am

1st Thursday: New Member Orientation Social Media Platform

2nd Thursday: Weave Your Own Web Social Media Workshop

3rd Thursday: Click and Connect Networking: (Main Event)

4th Thursday: SHARE Educational Exchange –Venue: BOCI Headquarters

Q & A with BOC

Q. Are BOC events online or In-house?

A. Most BOC events are virtual and headquartered venues. Headquarters are located in Memphis, Tennessee. Virtual events are broadcast internationally.

Q. How often does BOC host an event?

A. Each Thursday @ 9-11am ~ Home Office and Virtual (International)
Social Media Platform 1st Thursday ~ New Member Orientation
Social Media Workshop 2nd Thursday ~ Weave Your Own Web
Networking (Main Event) 3rd Thursday ~ Click and Connect
Educational Exchange 4th Thursday ~ Share

Q. Where do I find information about BOC events?

A. You can find events on our home page:

Q. How do I participate in virtual events?

A. Each event will have a virtual link to RSVP

Q. How much does membership cost?

A. Free
Access to Online Social Stream and Chat
1 Customized Profile
Networking Events: $10.00 per event (Select)
Virtual Events: $5.00 per event (Select)
A La Cart Services

Professional Membership:
1 Professional = $100.00 paid annually
1 Month Free Trial
Access to Online Community
Customized Profile
Free Entry to Virtual and In-House Workshops (Select)
Free Networking Events
Official BOCI Radio Interview (After Free Trial)
BOCTV Interview (After Free Trial)(Varies according to region)
Free Strategic Technology Consultation from ST Expert (in-house or virtual)
A La Cart Services

Corporate Membership:
Unlimited Corporate Members = $325.00 Annually
Access to Online Community
Customized Profile Per Corporate Member
Customized FEATURED Profile for Corporation
Free Entry to Virtual and In-House workshops (Select)
Free Networking Events
Official BOCI Radio Interview with Corporate Official
BOCTV Interview with Corporate Official (Varies according to region)
50% Off Advertisement Packages
20% Off Media Packages
Free Strategic Technology Consultation from ST Expert (in-house or virtual)
Customized A La Cart Services

Please be advised:
BOCI prices are subject to change. BOCI will notify each member according to plan selected when payment is due effective May 1, 2012.

Visit eStore tab at top of site to submit membership dues.
Membership dues and/or event fees are non-refund.



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