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Hahn - Children's Author

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This adventure starts with a gift -- from an aunt -- to a special niece.

Have you ever wondered about the story behind the first Christmas in relation to the star who was the star of the story?

The Star Who Almost Wasn't There is the story of a tiny star who could not glow, but whose life was tranformed on that special night, and it's brought to life through the words and illustrations of author Pamela Hahn.

Pamela's background is as an art educator, and she tells us that this story was 47 years in the making! Just as her story tells that there is a star for every child in the world, she wants to make sure that there is a book for every child in the world.

But Pamela's dream is not just for her book to be available to every child. It goes way beyond that. Her vision encompasses a community for disabled adults funded by her own non-profit organization. The vision is not just to fund programs, but a whole community. A community where adults with special needs can live and work.

As well as Pam's larger vision for the future, there is also a plan for more books, of course!  Various versions, different forms of delivery, big plans!

You can purchase The Star Who Almost Wasn't There at, Westbow Press or Barnes & Noble


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