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My name is Karen Hanrahan.
You can call me Mother Earth.
Lots of folks do.

I have been described as earthy, grounded, deeply rooted, granola crunching, tree hugging, and a health nut. I don't fight it. I wear clogs. I prefer cotton. I actually enjoy vegetables. I have beautiful silver threads in my hair. I laugh with every part of me.

I passionately believe in prevention, natural approaches to health and well being. I supplement, clean green, advocate the alternative food market, cook from scratch, network and mentor others to health success.  

One can purchase their quality nutritional supplements or green cleaning products from me, hire me to speak, tap into my consulting services on how to start a blog, or commission my photography skills

I have been told I write in a way that is humorous, from the heart, enrolling and informative.

On my blog you will find a vast array of mother earthly commentary.


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