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Cornwall Church


4518 Northwest Drive
Bellingham , WA 98226 (view map)
Phone: (360) 733-2150 Social Media


Every church looks a little different from the next one, which is great since every person looks a little different from the next one. At Inside Cornwall, you will learn what’s important at Cornwall. Believe it or not, there is rhyme and reason behind why we do what we do. While learning about the vision and values of Cornwall, you you will have a chance to interact with Cornwall ministry leaders. It’s a great way to become familiar with Cornwall and get connected to other people. Here's what some people who just finished taking Inside Cornwall have to say about the class: 

“ I’ve been coming to Cornwall for a long time and volunteer in a couple different ministries, so I wasn’t sure how much I would learn, but it really gave me a better perspective of the whole church! I highly recommend this class!!”
 “Solidified this is where I want to continue my spiritual journey. This is a big church, but there are many areas available to make it a more “personal” experience.”
 “I loved this class and thought it was very worthwhile and informative; it has made me more committed to continue to serve.”
 “Seeing everything orchestrated together was pretty amazing! I serve in children’s ministry, and it’s easy to not see everything else going on.”
 “It was a great opportunity to gain personal insight into the decision making process of the church leadership. The pastoral involvement was great!”


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