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Bellignham Back & Neck Clinic: Lee Helen

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3010 Squalicum Parkway
Bellingham , WA 98225-1952 (view map)
Phone: (360) 733-7046 ‎


The term manual therapy refers to hands on treatment on muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints.  This hands on approach is the core of our treatment.  It is a highly sophisticated technique that takes years of intense study and practice to master.  Manual therapy aims at decreasing pain and improving function in the body.  It has been demonstrated in scientific peer reviewed studies to be one of the most effective methods of treatment given by physical therapists in treatment of pain and improvement of function.

Corrective rehabilitation exercise is a vital complement to our manual therapy techniques to obtain a good result.  It is important to understand that it is not lack of strength that causes pain; it is an improper functioning musculoskeletal system.  To try to correct this dysfunction with conditioning or generic exercises often makes the problem worse.  Rehabilitation exercise is highly specific and very low intensity.  The muscle system must first function correctly with rehabilitation; then strengthen with conditioning exercise. The initial exercises are used to enhance the correction made with the manual therapy techniques.  Once the correction holds with rehabilitation, strengthening exercises are prescribed.  We have literally hundreds of exercises that can be given for your specific condition.  Once learned, these exercises can be performed on a self-directed basis to avoid reoccurrence.

Although our specialty is back and neck treatment, we also treat upper….shoulder, elbow and wrist; and lower extremity… hip, knee and ankle problems.  Often these problems are associated with back and neck pain and need to be treated at the same time.  
An example of the upper extremity would be Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.  Many times there is irritability at the neck, which aggravates the nerve to the carpel tunnel.  
In the lower extremities it is common to have a pelvic misalignment which will cause stress at the knee and exhibit itself as knee pain.  If the pelvic misalignment is not addressed, the knee problem will persist.


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