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Making Local Business Everybody’s Business                                       for Racine & Kenosha

In our fast-paced world of thrift, it’s easy to forget about the little guy - until it’s too late! Local businesses are the backbone of the Racine community and need our support! What does it mean to see a local company close its doors? It means the loss of great products and services, the loss of local jobs, and the loss of tax revenue that funds our schools, parks, and roads! You rely on our local businesses every day - can they rely on you?


Working Together We Can All Help Our Local Economy....


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Meet a Local Leader
Tony Bigonia
Uncorkt Wine & Beer

The new owner, Tony Bigonia, of Uncorkt in downtown Racine learned a lot from the past owners Sherry and Tim Etes. As a... (more)


Join this great event in Kenosha on October 1st

For the full details, visit Eisley Creative Co. to print the official Deal of the Day voucher.

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