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I wanted to be a TV News Anchor. That said there were no jobs so I got my degree in Broadcast Communications/Media Sales with a Business Minor.  I sold cable TV ads for six years and won two national awards during that time. The trick was to keep delivering results for the customers, despite the corporate changes etc. with the cable company. Their office finally left town and I opened up NW Media Management, LLC. We were a full service ad agency in traditional media (TV, Radio and Print) for various small, medium and large clients (The Roof Doctor, WA Realtors, Gerbings Heated Clothing and Rotters Auto Center, to name a few). The Great Recession hit and we transformed more to digital media today (we still do traditional media as well) and changed our name to NW Media Company, LLC.

I was born the son of a sharecropper (kidding). I’m an 80’s guy who listened to some heavy metal  and swam on Tacoma Swim Club to a college scholarship. I was born in Seattle. I’ve loved media all my life (I love good movies, good TV, and good creative) and really enjoy the creative and business aspects of making media work for clients so they can do more of what THEY do.

I’m currently the Executive Producer of an independent movie called Perfect Swing, about faith and golf. I serve part time on Lacey City Council. I’m married and have three school age kids that keep me feeling young (and old at the same time) everyday.

RelyLocal is a perfect match to what we are doing. We can take the platform of affordable, local, community, SEO and mush (a real word in marketing speak) it with more video, more marketing, more web design and more power. We’ve been publishing the for over three years now and it’s a fantastic way to extend digital reach, also affordably, and locally. The content is family friendly magazine style. We’ll leave the hard news to others.

It’s a fantastic community and I’m thrilled to be a part of it and a part of your digital media success.

Most Sincerely,

Jason Hearn

NW Media Company, LLC

RelyLocal South Sound