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Goin' Postal

Locally Owned Franchise

607 S 24th Ave
Wausau , WI 54401 (view map)
Phone: (715)843-0707 FAX: (715)843-0777 Website: Hours:

Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 6:00pm

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Goin' Postal of Wausau

Your Friendly, Neighborhood Shipping Center

Goin' Postal of Wausau makes shipping your packages easy. Unlike other shipping service centers, Goin' Postal works with all the carriers and are able to give you the best price and delivery options based on your needs. Goin' Postal understands that not all shipping companies are the same; they have the technology to price and time check all the carriers to save you money and time for your shipping needs. Goin' Postal can ship via UPS, FedEx, DHL, Spee Dee, and the United State Postal Service and can offer package tracking, insurance, and overnight shipping.

Goin' Postal of Wausau will help your package arrive at it's destination safe and unbroken. They offer packing services and can make sure your items are properly packaged so that they arrive undamaged. 

Besides Packing and Shipping, Goin' Postal also provides:

  • Private Mailbox Rentals
  • Packing materials and Office Supplies
  • Copies, laminating, and binding
  • Passport photos
  • Document Destruction
  • Textbook buyback

Private mailbox services

A PO box is nice, but the Postal Service won't accept packages from other carriers. With a Goin' Postal Private Mail Box (PMB), you not only receive a safe and secure location to receive your mail, but also any package from any carrier. Unlike PO Boxes, a PMB has a street address and suite number attached to it. Plus you receive 24 hour access to your mail. Don't want to drive in to check your box for mail every day? Our optional answer mailbox service will give you a text or email notification when mail or a package arrives to your Private Mail Box.

Document Destruction service

Don't throw away those sensitive documents. Reduce the chance of identity theft by destroying confidential papers. Goin' Postal will accept your important documents and have then securly and safely shredded. 


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