RelyLocal, a national, member based, organization centered around improving local communities and their economies from the ground up. Comprised of local businesses, members collaborate & refer businesses amongst themselves, to build a self sustaining business community.  RelyLocal's mobile app provides money saving tools for consumer's favorite local businesses, making it an easy choice to spend money locally out of convenience rather than selecting a big box. RelyLocal is not a franchise, each territory or faction is privately owned and some factions may operate slightly different. It's member businesses create jobs (tax revenue for schools, parks, roads, etc. Offers diversity in the marketplace, with unique products and services not found in big-box stores, franchise chains and even some small to mid size companies. Not to mention - these local business are owned by our neighbors, the very people who sponsor our little leagues, donate to our local charities, sit on important civic boards and volunteer for our community events - giving back to the community in countless ways. You rely on them, but can they RELY on you?

 Listing & Mobile App Features:

  • Business Name & Address
  • Contact Info
  • Website Info
  • Social Media Links
  • Logo
  • Brief Description (225 characters or less)
  • Long Description (unlimited length, images, attachments)
  • Coupons
  • Local Rewards- on website & app
  • Loyalty Cards (digital punch card on mobile app)
  • Local Leader- on website 
  • Deal of the Day- on website


  • Member's Directory to refer and collaborate with other members
  • Event Co-Coordinating
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Referral Bonuses 
  • 401K for small to mid-sized businesses 
  • Complimentary Business Diagnostic from Action Coach of Wisconsin
  • Co-Op Advertising 
  • Discounts on events at Fiserv Forum
  • Vote on Member Affairs 
  • Mobile QR Code 
  • Social Media Content Sharing
  • 3 Brainstorm Sessions 

Costs NOTHING to join! 

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