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RelyLocal- "North & West Greater Milwaukee Area Counties"

The largest RelyLocal faction in WI, covering: Fon du Lac, Sheboygan, Dodge, Washington, Ozaukee & Waukesha counties. Focusing on creating relationships with great area organizations & businesses, with the ultimate goal of working together on improving: visibility & communication between businesses, and their local communities & economies, within it's six county territory.      

"When we all work together we all grow together!"Bryan Simmons



Healthy community depends on a healthy economy, and both completely depend on the local businesses in North & West Greater Milwaukee Area Counties!  There are a number of studies out there that illustrate how shopping locally will stimulate the economy. Simply put, more money spent with local businesses stays there (about 68%), where much less money spent with national chains stays in the area (only about 14%), and money spent online... well... simply leaves. Forever.

"It's about the economy, stupid!" - James Carville