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100% Local


Our passion is helping YOU find the locally owned businesses that can get you great value, convenience and quality. Whether you are searching for a great hairstylist, a reliable mechanic, a friendly lawyer or a top notch promo company, you can start at RelyLocal. 


If everyone in the High Desert (over the age of 18) were to shift just $20 of their existing monthly spending to independent, locally owned businesses, it would generate at least:

back into the local economy

Your Pledge: By pledging to shift at least $20 of your existing monthly spending back to locally owned businesses, you will be supporting our community by keeping more money in the local economy where it is needed to support our civic, social, and cultural infrastructures while fueling new economic growth through local job creation and business investments.


For Locally-owned High Desert Businesses

Join our Locals-Only Coalition

If you own a small business, we can save you time and increase your customer base through a robust online profile, active social media promotion, downloadable coupons and more! Membership is affordable and contract-free! You will have a team of locals who live here and understand our market dedicated to seeing your business grow through grassroots promotion. Anywhere we go, including anywhere we have a booth or a presence, we are representing our members! Ask us for more information about how we can help you!


RelyLocal Business Expo

June 30th, our members are taking over The Mall of Victor Valley! Come check out our experts, samples, demonstrations, sales, drawings and more all day Saturday, June 30, 2012. If you are a locally owned business interested in beng a vendor, please contact us at 760-246-5400.

We will also be hosting a Local B2B Expo in the Fall, focusing on our locally-owned businesses that serve other businesses. When we work with one another, the money stays here longer! Please contact us if you are a B2B business looking to get in front of other local businesses. 


First Monday - FREE Local Networking for the Victor Valley

The first Monday of every month brings together business owners and representatives for a fun, casual and best of all, FREE business card exchange. Bring your cards and a friend or two to meet other go-getters from throughout the High Desert. Not only might you find your next client, you might find someone to work with or a product you've been looking for! Free appetizers and beverages too!


Small Business Marketing


RelyLocal offers these additional services to help your business succeed!

Social Media Content- $150 per platform

If you are too busy or uninterested in creating social media content, but you know you “should” be doing it, we can help you. We can create daily content for a platform (Facebook or Twitter, whichever you prefer.) We will sit down and develop a strategy, then create and pre-load all the content for you. Three-month minimum, paid monthly.

Email Newsletter - $50 setup and $40 per newsletter

Email is a great way to communicate deals, services, and events to your customers and fans. Send a short message weekly, monthly or quarterly to stay top of mind! We will set up the account, design your newsletter, create the content, manage the subscriptions and send it out in collaboration with you! $50 set up and $40 per newsletter. Three-month minimum, paid monthly.

Social Media Set Up - $100 for four hours tutorial service

If you would like us to walk you through setting up a Facebook Business Page or personal account, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn account or anything else, we will gladly do it. For a flat fee of $100 we will spend up to four hours with you in one or two sessions to get familiar with using these popular applications. One time fee.

Redirects - $50 per domain

If your business doesn’t have a website, you can use your RelyLocal listing as your site. For a flat fee of $50 we will acquire a great domain name for your business and set it up so that it will automatically redirect to your beautiful RelyLocal listing. This is a sensible solution for many small businesses who don’t really need a full website. Your domain name is good for one year and then you will be responsible for renewing it, which is generally a modest fee of $10 or less annually. One time fee.

Blogging - $100 setup and $10-$50 per post

Content marketing is king! We can create and populate a blog for your company. Set up is $100 and each post is between $10 and $50 depending on length and subject. Three-month minimum, paid monthly.

Kitchen Sink Offer – Prices vary

Got another idea about how to promote your business but just don’t have the time, the inspiration or the hands? We can help. From sticking labels on postcards to brainstorming events we are here for you! Prices will vary by task, but we can pretty much guarantee that we’re cheap. 


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