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AJ's Grand Prix

100% Local

1888 Niagara Falls Blvd
Tonawanda , New York 14150 (view map)
Phone: 1-877-257-2231


Race Details

  • Races are 8 minutes long, about 17-20 laps.
  • 1/4 mile course is equipped with a lap timing system that details each racer’s statistics.
  • Up to 9 racers can compete on the European style track.

What should you wear? Comfortable casual clothing is recommended. We are indoors, but during colder weather
a sweatshirt or light jackat is advised, as our track ventilation system draws in a large volume of fresh outside air
into the track area. We recommend sneakers or sturdy shoes. Sandals, high heels, and open-toed shoes are
not permitted. We provide helmets, neck supports, head socks, and any other necessary safety equipment.
Drivers are allowed to bring their own DOT certified helmets if they are equipped with adequate eye protection.

What are the requirements to race? Racers must be at least 10 years old and 51 inches tall. Racers 10 – 14
years old race in our high performance junior Karts. Racers over 14 years old and taller than 55 inches are
                                                     adult racers and use our 200cc RX7 Karts. All drivers are required to sign our                                                              liability waiver.


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