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Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm

100% Local

9733 Evergreen Valley Rd
Olympia , WA 98513 (view map)
Phone: 360-754-2002 Website: Hours:

Seasonal – Please call for appointment
Fields are open from Mid-June to Early-August
Our Gift Shoppe is open by appointment (off-season)

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We are a Seasonal Farm and our fields are now closed for the Season. We will re-open Mid June 2018, Thurs-Sun from 10-4pm

However, our Gift Shoppe is open, by appointment, year round. Please call 360.754.2002

The Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm is located in Olympia, Washington, just 115 miles South of Sequim.

The allure of Lavender is in the air at the Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm

With Lavender's intoxicating scent, beautiful purple blooms atop green-gray stems, ensure a delight for the senses.

We started the EVLF after a brief visit to the Lavender Farms in Sequim, WA in 2008. My wife will tell you that I am like "Ferdinand the Bull' when it comes to flowers and smells. I enjoy "most" all of them. Lavender, however, has become our all-time favorite. We hope you, too, have a passion for this very graceful and generous plant.

When you arrive at the farm, you will see that we specialize in:We Direct-Steam Distill our own Hydrosol. Great for freshening up linens and linqeree.

  • Dried Lavender
  • Lavender Bundles
  • Lavender Buds
  • Culinary Lavender for seasoning food
  • Steam-distilled Essential Oils and Hydrosols
  • Aromatherapy and Lavender Gifts.

So, aren't there just a couple of Lavender varieties? Nope, actually, the genus of Lavender is Lavandula and she has more than 30 species, dozens of subspecies, and hundreds of hybrids and selected cultivars. Confused yet? You most likely have heard of “English”, “French” and "Spanish" lavenders, which only add to the confusion. These mostly refer to the country where the plants are grown, and are not botanical reference points.

We organically grow 11 varieties of Lavender, largely of the English (Lavandula Angustafolia) variety, as they are more aromatic. These include Munstead, Folgate, Purple Bouquet, Royal Velvet (culinary uses), Betty’s Blue, Tucker's Early and Melissa (white). We also grow a number of Lavandins (Lavandula X intermedia) for oil production. These include Fat Spike Grosso, Impress Purple, Gros Blue and Hidcote Giant.

Multitude of Uses: Historically Lavender has been used for perfume, bathing, cooking and scenting the air. It is known for its comforting and calming properties and few other herbs can rival its usefulness. As an herbal medicine, lavender is used to soothe and relax. Oils in lavender can treat hyperactivity, depression, insomnia, bacteria, fungus, and airborne molds. Lavender is also purported to help relieve migraines and motion sickness.

As a gift, lavender signifies luck or devotion. We offer many types of gifts for her and for him.

Peggy Bryenton, owner, displays a table-full of gift ideas made from our locally grown Lavender

We love our quiet and beautiful 4 acre farm, the picturesque valley and our neighbors and therefore make every attempt to keep our footprint small and to have a positive impact on our local community. This is why we cultivate our farm organically. 

Come, bring the family, and share this tiny corner of the earth that we care for with love and joy. It is truly a relaxing, friendly and beautiful corner that leaves lasting memories.

Our products make great scents!

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Local Rewards

Reward Details: 15% OFF any item with valid Rewards Card. Call for appointment to visit our farm and gift shop. (Expires: Never)

Reward Details: Visit our Farm, show your Rewards Card and get a FREE Lavender Sachet. (Expires: Never)


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