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Verdeo Financial

100% Local

4168 Douglas Boulevard #200
Granite Bay , CA 95746 (view map)
Phone: 916.580.1200 FAX: 916.580.1201 Website:


Verdeo Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. specializes in providing comprehensive financial planning, wealth management and insurance services. We believe in taking a holistic approach to financial planning with a focus on sound economic principles and the strategic positioning and flow of your money. Through education, our clients learn how to implement proven financial strategies that allow them to realize their full wealth potential by ensuring the highest and best use of every dollar at work within their plan.

Our Criteria for Financial Success

  • Maximize your full wealth potential and create the highest efficiency on every dollar at work
  • Create a quality of life that exceeds your expectations
  • Spend and Enjoy your wealth without fear of running out
  • Pass on your wealth and estate with minimal (if any) tax consequence
  • Recapture lost opportunity costs (Cost Recovery)
  • Incur no additional Out-of-Pocket Cost (relative to your current plan)
  • Incur no additional tax (relative to your current plan)
  • Incur no additional risk (relative to your current plan)
  • Ensure that your plan happens under all circumstances
  • Enjoy Peace of Mind



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